Will the vinyl renaissance last?

£30 according to HMV’s website. Fiver per song then. Cool.


£28.99 on resident.
About £1.50 per minute.



wait, what - is this a repress thing? cos i’d love Purple by STP and… International Velvet by Catatonia

also wow - ugly beautiful getting a repress is wild. brilliant album. i had to get my copy direct from the fella when he found some old pressings in his garage

Yeah just a bunch of overpriced coloured reissues. Pretty sure there are cheaper copies of Purple still available if you’re not fussed about colours.

tends to be about 30 generally

A £7 difference on Amazon once you factor in the postage - not as bad as I’d assumed.

I’m a bit confused about what national album day is – like record store day but exclusively for hmv?

Picadilly records and amazon also sell them

Edit: and rough trade

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I don’t think it’s even exclusive to HMV, as my local indie (Spillers) have stocked these releases in the past.

HMV have their own equivalent day each year. It’s getting ridiculous.

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Leftism was, for it’s first press, a triple vinyl.

Pretty inspiring headline on their website

Can’t wait to get down to my local record shop and pick up some product by my favourite artists!


Its about time the forgotten 90s band ‘Product’ had some reissues!

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To celebrate National @AlbumDayUK we’re excited to be re-releasing Captain on a very special limited edition recycled colour vinyl - every pressing colour and pattern is unique. Available to buy from retailers on the 14th of October.

Buys 20.

Just kidding. I’m not buying any !
he said hopefully

Discogs have an article up on the most expensive classical records.

Seems to be boxsets that go for £40 on cd but are thousands on vinyl. Pretty wild.