Will there be another evening thread

Before I get chance to post this one?

Pizza, book, podcast, bed.

You guys?

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Ooooooooooft you hate to see it

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Let’s use Scout’s thread.


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A true gentleman

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Hiya :wave:

Gonna watch the childhood of a leader then go to bed. :metal:

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Bought Mrs Z some sushi bento on the way home, I’ve got some pasta meatball thing waiting for me. Tonight is probably gonna be fairly relaxed I think - likely to be mitre sawing everything in sight tomorrow, so need to store my energy.

Got about four things that I want to do so I’ll probably do none of them while posting shit “jokes” in here then have an early night so I can lie awake and contemplate my mortality because I’m writing my will tomorrow morning.


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Hi Scouty! Hi everyone! Going to recreate KFC burgers at home with chips and beans for tea, watch wother some true crime or more Queer Eye and generally stay out of trouble.

Wrote my will back in April. Not signed it yet, have I. :grimacing:

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If it was me I’d be starting with fried chicken and burger buns but you seem like you know what you’re doing.


Sign your will, colin.

Fell asleep on the sofa for almost three hours this afternoon. I feel a bit odd.



Just ordered Wagamama from Deliveroo, and I reckon it must be beer o clock. I haven’t had a beer in days!

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Gf is ill so going round to hers to watch Paddington 2 and eat phizzy pig tails.

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Yeah that’s the coward’s way of doing it, sure.



Evening all :wave:

Am making a Dishoom recipe tonight and then doing as little as possible. Might post a pic. (Of the food)

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Evening Scout, all,

Think we’re going for a drink with @elthamsmateowen shortly, although tht guy is,a bad influence and we need to be out of the house at 11 for a wedding tomorrow.

Rowed back on my “I never buy takeaways for myself” dubious badge of honour and ordered a Papa Johns. Can’t face another misery dinner cobbled together from the depths of my freezer.

I’m on a 6:30am (!!!) train to London tomorrow for a wedding. Just as well I’m still too ill to drink.

Watched the first Lord of the Rings this afternoon, thanks to the film thread. Just put the second one on. That’s my evening viewing taken care of, then…