Will there be another evening thread


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aw, this made me SMILE muchly.

:hugs: to you too.

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still jonesing on that fnc you posted the other day, man. especially rn.


How are you Witchy?

I felt the same way after reading the entire thread over three days. It was torture.

Okay thanks :slight_smile: having a wee gin and tonic and watching mindhunter 2: the mindhuntering. How be you funkypants?

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imagine what living about 600km as the crow flies away from fnc is like :cry:

:frowning: booooo. BUT but but, don’t you live very close all the rest of the delicious food in the world? I think ultimately you are winning.

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All good. Work tomorrow so I’ve stayed off the gin tonight :frowning:

Up more sexy ladders I hope.

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Haha it’s what I do best.

You do many things the best my friend, many things. It’s just one of your myriad of talents.

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Ahh thank you :blush: I don’t agree but thanks Witches that’s a very nice thing to say. Right back at you.


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Went to see Hustlers (amazing!!!) with the ladettes and then back to my house for an extremely silly evening of planning a film about Theresa May’s time as Prime Minister called It’s Time For Mummy starring Cardi B as Theresa May among many many other stars

It ended with us making memes about Prince Louis looking like a ket dealer. Incredible. Very hyper from laughing so much

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Looks so bad doesn’t it?

and @ericV here you go you heathens

I know what confirmation is! :smiley:

I just didn’t know what was wrong with the spelling in your post

HAHAH! That’s what I get for posting drunk. He spelled it «conformation».