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Hi pals,

I have some leftover home-made satay sauce and was thinking, if I heated it up in a pan with a few chopped tomatoes and added a can of coconut milk, would that make a nice base for a curry?

I hope you enjoy this thread and find it useful for when you’re thinking about food and you wonder, ‘hmmm, will this work and will it taste nice?’


If I make a thin but powerful curry sauce, could I use that instead of stock to make a tasty risotto?

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Once cooked mackerel with raspberries. It was quite nice.


Fennel is basically my new spirit animal but struggling to see how well I can blend that anise flavours into other situations

Please help dis


how did you cook the raspberries?


Fennel is bloody great in a coleslaw


Or a waldorf


You hero I love it


I also make a fennel slaw with loads of fennel, julienne green veg, broad beans and yogurt and mint

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You could do this, but risotto tends to work best when it’s bland and comforting, so I’m not sure curry risotto would be that great


I think this could work, I’d leave out the tomatoes though as I’m not into mixing tomato and coconut, stick some fish sauce and sugar in there too maybe


yes, although it probably wouldn’t be quite as flavoursome as using the sauce for a curry.


How come every time I marinate a roast chicken it comes out a bit shit? Just a bit wet and insipid

Have tried various things including yoghurt and spice marinade, lemon and garlic and herbs, morrocan etc etc


What if I then baked that risotto with a cheesey filling?


Apparently yoghurt works well if you butterfly it and blast it on a rack for a couple of hours. Only time I tried I just put it in a tray and cooked it medium heat like normal and the skin didn’t crisp up at all.

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goes well with fish, pork, sausages and tomatoes (not necessarily all at the same time) I believe.

I have it in veggie paella mainly, or slow roast it with pasta and a spicy tomato sauce.

have you got the flavour thesaurus? You should get that.

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Is this any good? Been thinking about getting it.

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it is, especially useful when I’m trying to use up ingredients. You can pick it up second hand for about a fiver.

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What temperature are you roasting the chicken at?


this is a delicious fennel based recipe