Will this work? a new and exclusive rolling thread for experimental cookery and baking

I’m gonna be SO rich. Nobody steal this.

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Taleggio for the premium range.

Mozzer for the standard.


Made a sauce out of them with some white wine and lemon juice

Aye this will work. The peanut butter/tomato/coconut based sweet potato dish in the DiS endorsed The Green Roasting Tin cookbook is excellent

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SO rich

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f*cking hell!


Fennel and orange salad :kissing::ok_hand:

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The other day I was doing a macaroni cheese but was out of parsley so ended up using oregano and garlic instead. It went down a treat :smile:

clicked on this and the whole thread wasn’t there so had a minute’s panic attack while the page loaded ‘new and exclusive thread for experimental co…’

Herbs in macaroni cheese, I didn’t know people did such things

I don’t think I’ve ever made a macaroni cheese, NAY, a meal, without garlic.


I normally just follow the recipe book cause experimenting scares me D:

What did you think it was going to say?! :relaxed:

IN INDIA they give it to you with sugar after food as a breath freshener. It’s not very nice. Maybe do that?

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sick burn!

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Going to make this tonight now!

enjoy! make sure you do the crispy breadcumbs if you can

I can confirm this DID work and was very tasty.
Cheers @Avery for making it happen (under my direction) so I could get on with my passp application :kissing_closed_eyes: