Will this work? a new and exclusive rolling thread for experimental cookery and baking

Did you take any pics of this trifle, Tuna?

It’s currently in the fridge…

Will be adding sprinkles and birthday candles to it after lunch!


Chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla?

Did you make it with dairy milk or is it vegan?

Banana, not vanilla. Nah, semi-skimmed!

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“I never said I was going to make cheese twists”

Now why is there some leftover pastry going mouldy in the fridge? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Angel delight has milk products in unfortunately :disappointed: although this has just inspired me to look for dairy-free diy angel delight recipes

I made houmous recently, and while deciding what to do with all the leftover tahini, I invented tahini hot chocolate. Basically mixed a teaspoon or so of tahini with a teaspoon of cocoa powder and a teaspoon of sugar in a mug, made it into a paste with a drop of milk and then poured hot milk over the top. It’s powerfully delicious, thought I should share my discovery. Any other ideas for leftover tahini gratefully accepted


We bought tahini to make houmous with sometime soon so I would also appreciate more tahini related recipe ideas.

This was before you left the pastry out too long, leaving it in a gunky mess.

Fuck you!

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We have some Cavelo Nero Kale, what should we do with it? How should we cook it?

It’s nice with chick peas. Either a rustic stew thing or a chana curry

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What would you make if you had a bag full of parsley?

Oooh! Garlic butter :yum:
That won’t use it all up though… :thinking:


A good shout generally but not very Autumnal.

If you had a load of eggs BBE a couple of weeks ago, what would you do with them?

Put them in water to see if they’re alright, and then… bake them into something? Or blow the contents out and decorate the shells

Bin em