The big day is finally upon us: the first EU country with major elections since Brexit and Trump shocked the world.

Polling stations across the country opened earlier this morning. Voters have the choice of 28 different political parties, compared to 21 in 2012, but this is by no means exceptional. It’s one of the many quirks that come with the fairest PR system in the world: any party that receives 1/150 of the vote will win a seat in parliament.

It has proven to be incredibly difficult to predict who will win this election. Initially it looked like that man with the weird hair would triumph with a large victory, but as election day loomed closer and closer many voters got cold feet, and current prime minister Rutte has come back in favour, not in the least due to Turkish shit-stirring. But polls have been all over the place, and there are at least 5 political parties who can make a claim on becoming the biggest. What is certain is that forming the next coalition government will be extremely tricky, requiring 3 or 4 parties to come together (the current “purple” government consists of only 2) and may take months to form.

Polling will close at 8 PM UK time, with results coming in from 8:40 PM or so. Schiermonnikoog is expected the first to declare. By midnight, once results from the major cities are in, it should be clear who will win what number of seats.

Updates will appear here throughout the day. There might even be a proper poll in a little while.
In the meantime. if you have any questions, fire away!

*Wijll Wijlders Wijn?

This is quite a good joke isn’t it Hoogs?

how do they get the results in 40 mins do they have new-fangled computers?


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Computers are banned due to fear of hacking. All votes are counted manually.

Unlike the UK where every constituency is more or less the same size, in the Netherlands voting districts are defined per local council. The smaller the town, the quicker the count is complete.

Getting aggy with the turks seems like a pretty genius late game strategy. hope that takes enough away from Wilders to stop any nightmare scenarios. And it pisses off Erdogan which is a plus

I never meant to Geert you

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@anon5266188 this joke is also good

Was under the impression that Wilders was never likely to become leader whatever happened as nobody would form a government with him

I think it’s gone over my head I’m afraid (through no fault of yours)

I’d call this a “dijenkletser”.

*prime minister (he’s already party leader)

While this is true, forming a coalition government would be delayed even further, as the largest party has first rights to start negotiating a new government.

I believe (hoogs can confirm) that the g in geert should be a hard, throaty h sound (like Van gogh) so the closest english word sound wise would be ‘hurt’.

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I think he will win.

Populisms quite, well, popular at the moment isn’t it?

Should Le Pen also win I think we can safely say the EU is finished beyond a doubt.

I see!

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the bit about “g” is correct (sort of), but geert rhymes with “steered” so not really.

Imagine a place being so tin-pot that you can count pretty much all the votes in a couple of hours


Honestly read the thread title as ‘Wim Wenders’ and thought I’d get involved. Now I am disappoint…

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Shut up Smee