Will you be happy to see the merging of


Is this Curly Watts’ rapping name

Will this mean that facebook messenger has access to my whatsapp conversations?

Did it already have access to my whatsapp conversations?

there’s a good kebab shop video where some Lads sing Curly Watts at someone else in the queue cause he looks like Curly Watts.

If anybody wants to find, it that would be great.

facebook doesn’t do things to make improvements, it does things to rinse more money out of people

so without knowing anything about it, i can confidently say: no


I’ll go with whatever you want. Wait, I use whatsapp. Not going to need a Facebook account for that am I?

…the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy?

My mouth and a nice little beer

reckon this will be the beginning of the end for facebook

if it happens
not really sure what you’re referring to actually

I think I had a breaking news :rotating_light: . Could have been a hoax.

oh i’ve just seen it


didn’t even know that Facebook owned WhatsApp tbh

I will not be happy about this. Seems to mean that some loser who has Facebook can use that to send me a message even though I’m literally not even on Facebook (I think that’s what it means anyway).

Mark Zuckerberk