Will you drink something that a fly has landed in (you have then fished out the fly)?

Will you?



Depends how thirsty I am/how expensive the drink is/how disgusting the fly is.

So will I and I just have.

Formula please

How thirsty am I?
How big is the fly?
How long has it been in the drink?

I extracted one from a pint glass (Budweiser Ice Cold) of cider (Stonehouse Dry Cider) with ice (Centra Party Ice) that I was drinking from last night. I enjoyed the cider thereafter.

Formula please.

And yet you claim to be vegetarian. smh.

  • If there is less than half a glass / pint left then I wouldn’t bother
  • Anything that looks like it lands on shit can fuck right off
  • If I see it landing and can fish it out within 5 or so seconds then we’re good

I eat the plants that creatures have wandered and grazed upon. If a fly wishes to share my drink, sobeit. Is he/she not my brother/sister too?

If you were truly this spiritual you would drink around the fly.



This is very difficult to read for the bluuuuue boarders!

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it’s got loads of juice from where I flipped it out. I imagine it had probably had its fill anyway.

What were you drinking Lonz?

Yeah, I’ll drink it

I spilt some Calippo down me on Saturday and no wasps came anywhere near me.


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I was drinking my patented summer drink of diet lemonade mixed with tropical fruit juice in an oversized pint glass. I had drunk half and then gone to the garden to get in the washing and repot a plant. When I returned there was a medium sized fly floating on the remaining half pint. I ejected the fly with about 50ml of fluid in the garden and then necked the rest in one without thinking about it too much. I then started to think about it and decided to ask the good people of DiS what they would have done.