Will you drink something that a fly has landed in (you have then fished out the fly)?

Yes, very legible which is my first and most important requirement for a formula. A1!

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Ah the patented Balonz Summer Cup, delicious. I think if you’re drinking a softie and you eject a fly you kinda have to neck the rest. No way you’re gonna sit there sipping at that drink, you’ll be thinking of fly juice the whole time.

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Bit early for the wasp menace.

Is it?

Dunno when wasps turn up tbh, there was an apple tree in my childhood garden and there were always fucking wasps about then I reckon I haven’t seen a wasp in about 6 years apart from one day going back to my parents when my brother-in-law killed 17 in about an hour.

wasn’t a blue bottle was it? If so nice knowing you.

My wife claims they only bother humanoids towards the end of the summer because they can get their shit elsewhere until then.

I also have a friend who claims ‘they’ have been breeding out wasps with the use of sterile wasps. Same guy who claims you can walk round the moon in a day.

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No, mid sized black number.

Now this I’m interested in. Have you ever run the numbers on this claim?

you might be ok


He’s bang to rights there isn’t he really.

Yeah, even if you are taking those big moon steps it’s going to be a struggle.

yeah but with low gravity and that u could probably get up some speed and if you travelled I opposite direction it was rotating you might be able to, also how longs a moon day? My quarrel would be with the walk part

My back of a fag packet maths means that you would need to maintain a speed of 280mph for 24 hours.


6,786 / 24 = 282.75 mph

Nice how we can have chats like this that just go wherever they want eh

My back of the fag packet maths was pretty good, eh? Maybe I’ll take up smoking again.

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It is as it should be. None of this complaining about derailing a thread (even on such an important topic as this).

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Ahh but how longs a moon day though? Such monoplanet thinking

Technically it’s a satellite. Not sure it rotates either