Will you drink something that a fly has landed in (you have then fished out the fly)?


Oh hang on lads:

However, the difference is that It takes 28.5 days for the moon to spin about its axis


( I’m banking on it being longer rather than shorter)


282.75 / 28.5 = 9.92 mph

That’s a fast fast walk there


Now thinking that, with the additional stride length in (almost) zero G, and some relevant training and strength conditioning, you could probably crack this


Plus no rest for 28.5 days.


Can you train to never rest? How about keeping in a straight line?


That said, your mate is still a bit of a dick. Reckon he thinks the moon is like the Clangers home planet


The stride length thing is the confusing element. Not sure how much this adds to the overall speed…


For a thread that’s a question, there’s a disappointing lack of polls around here.


Yeah he is, unbelievably for someone who took so much ecstasy his earnings make epimer look like a pauper (marketing scum) and his instagram makes me want to… so happy for him, delighted.


Polls restrict debate don’t they? I’m not a huge fan.


I’m pretty relieved I didn’t start a poll with my post now, in light of that.


Well they have their place but funkycow’s formula has already solved the thread.


Quora says the stride length thing makes no difference. They reckon 91 Earth days. Must be true. It’s Quora