"Will you get DOWN from up there!"

Talk about occasions where you’ve been up somewhere and an authority figure has shouted to you “WILL YOU GET DOWN FROM UP THERE!” or “GET DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!”

Not me personally, but the NYPD shouted it at King Kong once when he ascended the empire state building.


I used to play a game as a kid where you would see how many fences you could cross from your garden into other people’s gardens and maybe sit on a shed roof or two. So a couple of times people caught me doing this. My mate Charlie made it right to the end of the road one time (only 5 gardens but still!)

  • Kids having fun
  • This sounds like criminal activity!

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At a 5ive concert


That sounds dead fun tbf

We used to climb the park pavilion and try to clear the row of bushes underneath as we jumped off.

Pretty sure we got told to ‘get DOWN from there!’ a few times

There is NOTHING like the thrill of garden fence hopping. NOTHING!

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a few weeks ago Mr Meo climbed up this palm tree in Tulum only to be told “please get down from there sir”


The first time I ever winded myself it was because I jumped over Mrs Cooper’s fence to retrieve a football but I did it as like a clean running jump instead of a vault and I landed flat on my chest and thought I was going to die.

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Is he the reason it’s now crooked?

I think it must have been like that from someone else
he’s only a small slender thing

God bless him


What a jump!
First time I winded myself was when walking along a row of felled trees in the park and slipping and falling on my chest. There is NOTHING like the thrill of falling off a log onto other logs and feeling like you are dying, NOTHING!

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feel like there was a name for this game but it alludes me

dead man’s run or something?

Garden Fence Hopping at Charlie’s House

I also got engaged next to that palm tree

I think he has a thing for palm trees the sick fuck

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God bless that fact.

I’m really delighted about your engagement btw, very happy for you.

There was a big house at the end of the lane when I was a kid that had a couple of apple trees. The local naughty kids used to climb over the wall and scrumpy all the apples. Not me though given that I’m both a wimp and bad at climbing over walls

can only remember this from the book The Turbulent Term Of Tyke Tiler