Will Young


always knew he was a prick.


What’s happened?

His new single not quite up to your usual standards?


Always thought he seemed nice enough. What’s he done? A google just brings up some weird reality TV bickering, which seems an odd reason for a functioning adult to call someone a prick


Gary Oldman


I went to see Neil Young once and a guy near us in the crowd shouted “Neil Young!” multiple times between each song. He wasn’t stretching it out like a chant or anything, he was just like a guy in a pub trying to get an ex-colleague’s attention or something like that.

Later on he fell into another guy and they started fighting. Neil Young played a 25-minute version of Down By the River. Great night.


You heard about it as well? Had him in the work strictly sweep stake didnt I 1.50 down the drain.
I actually think he comes across as nice guy