Winchester. I'm there for two nights. Places to go tips please.


Anyone live there or know the place? I’m there for two nights and looking for pub/bar tips and any places to visit too.

I’ve booked a table for a bar/restaurant called Overdraft. That’s the sum of my pre-visit activities.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Get giant pizza from the place @rich-t goes.


Where’s that?

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It’s called Pi, the other side of the station. Massive 24 inch pizzers but would need to share it. They do normal sized pizzas too. They are good, good pizzas and have taken a lot of dissers there.

Anyway, list time


Overdraft (you’re already going but the Mexican food is excellent as @JaguarPirate will attest to)
The Fulflood (my favourite pub in town. @profk loves it too)
The Queen Inn
Incognito or The Cabinet Rooms if you like cocktails
The Black Bottle if you like wine
The Black Rat if you like a pub with huge amounts of curios
The Old Vine feels quite continental in a way
The King Alfred
The Winchester Orangery


Pi for pizza
The Stable for pizza and cider (although this is a chain)
Three Joes for sourdough pizza
Overdraft for Mexican
The Dispensary Kitchen
Forte Kitchen
Inn the Park
Mi Cocina for Mexican (Thursday to Sunday only)
Bento Factory
Anita’s Kitchen for sushi
Kyoto Kitchen for sushi (is £££ though)
Momo from Marse The New Delicious in the food market on Middle Brook Street (Friday and Saturday only)
Dim T
Probably a million other places, but we don’t get out too often now

Coffee/cakes/brunch - Winchester has some brilliant coffee shops

General Store (getting a takeaway coffee and a cinnamon bun from here and sitting in the cathedral grounds is my favourite thing to do. Also have a good selection of beers from Unity,. I’m always nipping in for a couple of tins)
Hoxton Bakehouse (brilliant coffee)
The open house deli
Flat whites
Josie’s (pancakes in here are👌)
The Hatch (Forte Kitchen’s takeaway place)
Takeaway from The Winchester Orangery’s hatch
The Square

Walks/other things to do

Go and browse in elephant records. Lovely little record shop. Projects is good for a browse around too.

Walk to Orams Arbor or St Giles Hill with some beer in the evening is nice. Great views across Winchester from both.

Walk up St Catherine’s hill and round the water meadows

Keats walk is an extension of the above and takes in st cross hospital and hockley viaduct.

The winnal moors are great to walk around if you like wildlife.

Will provide more details on walks of you want

Round table and the great hall might be worth a visit if you like history


If you have a car, Stockbridge or Arlesford are nice for a morning walk.

If you want anything else, shout up.


A fish and chip place called Shoal has just opened up in the guildhall. Meant to be nice.

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A huge thank you.

That’s a brilliant list of things I’ll be surprised if I chalk off even a ¼ of it.

I like history and was reading about King Alfred a few months ago and at the time was thinking of a couple of nights somewhere I hadn’t been to, close to London and so Winchester was the fit.

Thanks again. Very appreciated.

Some reading material for me on the train tomorrow although I’ll probably end up listening to some music.

When are you coming down?

I’m headed there tomorrow morning and the train back on Thursday noon-ish.

So just Tuesday and Wednesday nights there.

I haven’t been to Winchester in about a decade and a half but I grew up down the road and went to college there, and can second Rich’s suggestions for walks etc. Oram’s Arbor and the Water Meadows are mega, the cathedral is awesome and the grounds are lush.

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Ah ok. Nice little break.

This breaks down some of the walks above. You can tie in numbers 1 and 5 together. Essentially did #1 with @casinobay a couple of years ago, it’s pretty easy and doesn’t take that long. When you’ve walked up the weirs, instead of turning left at the bishop on the bridge and heading back to the alfred statue, cross the road, walk past the mill and turn left onto Water Lane. Follow this to the top and cross the road and that’s the entrance to winnal moors. It’s a flat nature reserve with the itchen flowing through it. Very pretty.

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Some good walks here too

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This might be one of the best adverts for anywhere I’ve ever seen on DiS!


Luckily winch is small then eh

I’ve always noticed that recommendations from DiS-ers are always better than any Visit(place name).com

Looking forward for a couple of days away. Certainly looks like there’s some great pubs and restaurants to check out and some great walks to walk off the food and drink.

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I had one of my best meals ever in WInchester at the Chesil Rectory, which is in a very lovely aincent building

make sure you go and see the completely real round table from real king arthur times hanging up in the great hall

also go and see the statue of my great, great grandad near the cathedral


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