Wind (on top of everything I discover it's not even five characters!)



Fucking annoying, isn’t it? I mean I’ll readily accept a breeze on a hot day but they are far and few between. Rest of the time, fuck that. It’s cold, can whip rain in your face, make shit blow away.

I’m not into sailing or kiting or any wind based activities.

What can we do about it? Build a huge wall round the country? Maybe keep a couple of hundred yards of coast? Could still have wind farms the other side. I mean, we’re Brexiting anyway.

It’s fine up in the sky to move clouds about and allow birds to hover. Just keep it up there.

Let me know


It’s the worst mate, the absolute pits.


Maybe a wall to block the sky


Massive windbreakers everywhere.

Cycling across bridges and along coasts with crosswinds is pretty scary.


Think they call them ceilings, mate.


None of them in the park or in the sea though. That’s where the wind gets in


Really thought this thread was going to be my time to shine.


Yep, I’m with you on this. A couple of hundred yards of coast would be nice, as I do like a bracing beach walk in the wind.


Could just paint a horizon on it, no one would notice.



Which one is you?


Just to clarify, this is a moment from the Young Apprentice when the beardy chap blamed the failure of the task on wind, claiming it was his least favourite weather condition.


My guess is the one on the right


I really enjoyed the Young Apprentice thing.


I don’t think there’s a way to prevent the wind from happening (which, to be fair, I think you realise as you’re suggesting sheltering from it).

HOWEVER, what if we could counter it? Have giant fans blowing air at the same speed in the opposite direction of the wind. That would, in theory (and almost certainly in practice) create absolute stillness.


I flipping love being out in the wind.

(unless it is also raining)


You could wear a wind suit with fans blowing away from you. Probably still best not to do anything.


it’s not great in the sky either unless you enjoy turbulence when you’re up there


I reckon that would just create a lot of turbulent air wouldn’t it?


I fucking love it!