Wind turbines are just too damn big

But enough about my damn glutes, what about these wind turbines!


Oh yeah, sorry, thought I was in your damn glutes thread.


A bit like the Strata building. Where they have never actually switched the turbines on for reasons :roll_eyes:



i like wind turbines, and adore seeing the blades traevlling along the motorway is always a fun sight

Had a recurring nightmare when I was about 6 years old of mum my brothers and me going to a nature reserve and walking past a pylon that zapped everyone except me, leaving me abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally instead of a pylon it was a substation.

Think I stopped having it when I was 11 or 12, but it’s still one of a very, very small number of dreams I’m able to remember for more than a minute after waking up.

I’m currently designing and modelling tracks for turbine supply vehicles to get to the all the kit to proposed turbine positions within the wind farm site.


I like how big they are

also they would look quite enigmatic to a species discovering the ruins of our civilisation because of the pure simplistic design

it looks cool!

the south one

Yeah, this is alright you know

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the ones off Southport, Lytham St. Annes etc look nice

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I like wind turbines a lot more than polar ice caps melting

Hey, I’m currently working on what soils you should and shouldn’t put those tracks on! (not for your site probably!)!



and then they have to do that journey three times each for countless turbines

Had you been watching this (literal nightmare fuel)?

Plus all the manoeuvring for the parts that make up the turbine tower that the blades are attached to.
They are not as long, but much, much wider.

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Quite possibly that or something similar. Might have been some railway safety stuff otherwise where I thought much of it was obvious, but something about trackside equipment triggered in my brain.