Windows 10 update thread (really boring, stay out)

@marckee @woweezowee @1101010 and anyone else

failed to install 1709 another 5 times so gave up and did a clean install. essentially back up and running again but now my laptop runs like crap, freezes all the time. still dunno if i’m gonna be able to use it professionally in its current state. wtf, man.

What was the issue that led you to reinstalling the os in the first place?

I did a clean install from USB and it seems to be working okay now. Did you do an install from an external source, or from the Internet? Apparently doing it the former way makes a big difference.


Not tried but gonna have to soon. Will need to go to Windows 10 Ultimate so will have to go from clean and will probably but a new Samsung Evo 850 Pro 1TB drive just to do this so my old 1TB SEP850 drive is still available to switch back in :grimacing:

Take it this shit didn’t help?

endless failing windows update loop that got more and more aggressive about forcing you to install it

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yeah i installed from USB. the first time my wifi and audio drivers just failed within like an hour so i reinstalled again and this time everything’s technically working but it sometimes just seizes up. could be my hard drive on the way out but everything was fine before this infernal update.

@1101010 tried everything :sob:

Laptop make and model Googled alongside this issue I assume? How old is it?

Sounds shit but at work I could ask the guys I sit with in IT when I’m back in

Ugh, that sucks. I lost hours to that fucking update and I’m convinced it was more blind luck than insight that finally pushed it through.