Windows key + L

Stop wasting your precious seconds office dwellers. Sincerely yours duck




I was amazed. Just told my boss and he already does it like that! What a fucker!

Been doing this for years, step up your game everyone ffs


This, but I wouldn’t like to admit it was the 19 year old admin assistant in an old job who told the whole team.

I assume we are down with windows D for desktop.

Ctrl+shift+1 for commaed numbers to two decimal places in excel (want one to no mother fucking decimal places! Decimal place blow!!!)

Is there a paste values shortcut?

I been do it for yearrrs pal. Just noticed how few people in my office knew about this.

OOOhhh I have a thread

if there’s anyone on DiS not using alt+tab… i salute you for you are mad

Wow are you guys my parents?

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Windows down x2 is faster scrub

more of a windows+tab guy myself

windows eh


Windows + no

hey everyone check out danny apple over here


Ctrl+Shift+5 for percentages also useful, since I’m rubbish with my hundred times table.