Windows with squares

What are those windows that are split into smaller squares called like this…

Windows with squares.


Square leaded.

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I need the name

Epimer. Nice to meet you.


They’re just windows pal

Sash windows?

Has a meeting with a window design company (dont ask), and those windows can be called ‘colonial style’ apparently

Sounds exceptionally Brexit.

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Those are bi-fold doors with mock-georgian glazing bars.

Are you in the US?

They use the term colonial to refer to 18th century styles like Georgian sash windows and french doors.

This thread reads uncannily like an exchange between a tester and a chatbot trying to pass the Turing test.


Those are rectangles.

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Yeah, long story, but building a house from the ground up - had to meet with window people, with door people, with carpet, with bloody wardrobe people. Crazy place.

I don’t want to tell you your business, but think you are missing a few key elements of a house there


microsoft style

A bloody wardrobe certainly is a bold design choice…

I’d love to design my own house from the ground up.

I too am having a hard time not reading this thread title as some some kind of boring accountant OS version of Words with Friends