Windy Easter Monday

Good morning DiS!

Had the window open overnight for the first time, and the weather sure changed about 2 am. Windier than curry night. Guess I’ll go rescue my net curtains from the garden at some point.

What’s the plan today then DiS?

Might have a good stare out the window and eat some more chocolate.

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Morning 29! It sure is windy here too. Fully committed to shorts season now though so no looking back. Off to work in a bit :frowning:


Got woken up by the wind :+1:

There was a big bit of polystyrene blowing around in my front yard making a racket but it seems to have blown off somewhere else now by the sound of things.

I’m going to stay in bed for now. Plan for the day is to do some cleaning, maybe do some music, definitely watch lots of movies

Morning, my god my legs are sore from the run yesterday, remember to warm down properly people, Need some light exercise today.

Working today from just over there points.

Actually, probably the worst sleep ive had for a while, due to people chatting in the small communal garden til 2am, then the broken back door slamming at around 5.

Got grand plans to empty the garage, sort out the needs from the don’t, reassemble and tidy.
Not really feeling it though …

Tea and toast and we will see.

Why’s it so cold today???

Nothing much on the agenda tbh. Got a tesco shop being delivered shortly. Wonder how much stuff will be missing.

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Wind has moved to a northerly.

Anyway, another shit night sleeping. No plans, obvs. Probably a walk and playtime with kiddo

My slippers are developing a massive hole, so I guess I should research new slippers.

I don’t think I’ll be up to doing much else.


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Need to do a Big Shop today. No idea what time of day to do it (assuming shops are open 9-6 with the first hour reserved for elderly/vulnerable people)

The Child slept through the night for the first time in about a month.

I’m making butternut squash pasties later.



would quite like to do something today. kinda miss doing things.


I really fancy a walk on the beach or in the new forest or seeing my family :sob:

desperate to head off into the woods for a few days. this weekend would have been perfect :frowning_face:

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I was researching hot water bottle slippers the other day, didnt make the plunge.

Decided to just use a pair of slip on trainers in the house.


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Morning everybody, I have some more baby goats to shamelessly harvest for likes!

Standing on top of a rock is the current hot activity

The rock is also a good starting point for trying to stand on top of your mother

Should have saved this for the next selfie thread

We’re not scheduled to go back to the farm until the end of the week so enjoy these while you can.

Got to do an online RPG session tonight, and I plan to finish series 1 of Kingdom before that. I’m not aiming for a productive day.


Didn’t know these were a thing.

I am looking for more of an all year round slipper than that I think.

Quite annoyed that mahabis childrens sizes only go up to 3, one more size up and I could get into them and they’re an acceptable price, unlike the adult ones :-1:

The word ‘pasty’ isn’t protected, is it?

They are neither Cornish or Devonish.

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