Windy Friday Morning

Morning all. Today’s first job is to climb inside this fucking thing, lift the floor and scrub the underside. But since H&S regs mean I can’t do that until someone else is on site, I get to put my feet up until 8am. Friday begins at 2pm today, already looking forward to this evening’s cans. How bouts youse?


I typically have no work to do on Fridays so I’ll be on here all day

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Going to make Anglo Saxon tools this afternoon. 30 kids with a load of fake axes, what could go wrong? :grimacing::person_shrugging::laughing:


Somehow hurt my back last night. Don’t know if it was the sofa or something else which caused it. Wife’s going swimming in a minute, so I’m solo parenting this morning, then off to work. My Friday beers haven’t arrived so it’ll be a dry one tonight.

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Morning all!

I’m technically paid for planning today so I’m using the time wisely to go into the building and clear out my snack drawer and collect some exam papers I can’t get online.

I’d like think I’ll have a nice lunch from outside my house.


I’m on an airplane!!! Been a while. And don’t call me Shirley.


It’s my Monday and I slept terribly. But, 5 more days of shitty old work then 9 days off :partying_face:


Had another weird dream about a race of people that look like foxes, kind of like the one in the wes anderson fantastic mr fox but with human faces, and they stood in nuclear family units first thing in the morning in the garden staring and soemtimes would lean their head in the window and ask for old newspapers or big bags, specifically debenhams ones. In the dream I woke up a few times and met new ones but their clothes were always on strangely, like a mum had a shirt but nothing else and the baby had trousers and a hat on all the way over its face. I don’t know where something like this comes from and I don’t like it



I’m going to have an impromptu day off, purely because I really CBA.


Morning all,

Day off today. Going to take the boy to school, go for a run, then have a lazy morning. Off into town this afternoon but more about that later.

Can’t believe it’s 19 years since them slags etc.


Tilty payday!

Also had a dream where @Gnometorious and @Avery looked after a menagerie and got them all out for us to play with including but not limited to a hamster, a platypus, a cat, a rabbit, a snake, that’s all I can remmebr. But people sort of lived with the animals like a commune. Slept on the floor with them sort of thing. In fact I remember gnome saying they had a proper bedroom upstairs but only ever slept down with the animals.

Then the scene changed and I was in this boujee high rise and there was a Pet Programme run by this very posh fellow and loads of really posh kids in there. Like a cat cafe for people with money. I remember him saying to me ‘there’s a pasta place nearby, totally delicious, I mean it’s not ottolenghi but perfectly passable’

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Wish I could go back to sleep and never wake up :worried:

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9/11 is it

this time last year I was eating a smashing hotel breakfast in Oslo at a very nice hotel where I got a free upgrade to a suite and had met @whiterussian for pizza the evening before

I miss work travel :frowning:

Right now I am in a communications & engagement global conference via zoom (when it should have been a trip to Indonesia)

on the plus side - I am in my sleepwear/underwear and I have my cat sat with me

swings and roundabouts

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Wife was coughing all night, she has the cold. So now she’s getting a test and I need to skip work and hang around. No food in either. Also bairn can’t go to nursery. I am sick of this shit.


Day off, gonna finish rerimming a wheel and probably do some other things

This evening I will watch a film with whichever of my children are not going out (probably none of them)

This photo has well and truly done me



Absolutely shocked

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day