Windy Friday Morning

It’s quite refreshing and heartwarming to see how many global colleagues for whom English is not their first language absolutely refuse to recognise the British sensitivity to certain words and routinely use multiple swears in their presentations


Another morning, another mouse to deal with. This is my life now.

No clean clothes for my tour, no food in for breakfast, tedious office job work to do after my tour even though its a non working day, and the street near me smells of raw pork :face_vomiting:

What a day

also, it never even occurred to me until this conference just how much my colleagues in Japan had orientated their entire work this year around the Tokyo Olympics … bummer

if anyone wants to write a Haiku for LGBQTI+ rights in Japan

Woke up in hysterical tears because I have such awful back pain I can’t comfortably sit/stand/ lay down in any position with out excruciating pain radiating from my spine/lower back to all over.

Rang 111 and then my doctors who said they would ring back before 1pm with a telephone app. Had to ring work ffs. Hate taking time off but omg I’ve never had pain like this. I’m hoping it’s an awful sprain and I’ve made it worse in sleep rather than anything more serious. I just want to be at work :sob:

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When you be yourself
The moon is shining, so bright
All unicorns welcome


just enjoying my friday coffee



I’m caffeinated and heading for my desk.

Picking up the kids later who are here for the weekend. Last time before my son heads off to university. Bit weird.

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My mattress was delivered by John Lewis at 7am. SEVEN AY EM. I’ve been working from bed since then, I think I could get used to this.

I move tomorrow after being stuck with my (very lovely) folks for the best part of a year. I’m going to miss the dogs so much :frowning:


Got to go to some virtual leaving drinks later and really do not want. Might unplug my router or play dead or something.


Oh yikes that sounds bad - hope the pain resides soon! Back pain truly is the worst xx

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(She’s even asleep under the duvet for the last hour, lazy lazy dog)


I would like to stroke her so so much

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Thankyou x

honestly never had pain like this. It’s verging on nauseating. Fingers crossed it subsides x

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Had quite an exciting delivery while I was off

Also Red Velvet Cupcake Bailey’s @laelfy


Off to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Going to see my nephew for the first time this year, he was a tiny baby when I last saw him and he’s like a little man now. So excited I could burst :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


‘Did you put my leftover curry in the fridge?’
‘No, we ate it’

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Didn’t know we had a Victorian urchin posting on the boards.

The rainbow shines bright
In the summer’s Rising Sun
Together all prosper

Nb. Not sure if the rising Sun thing isn’t a bit insensitive or not.

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not sure how it could be perceived as insensitive given it’s just a symbol of Japan being in the east and the sun rising there first

unless we’re gonna decolonise time of course