Windy Monday Thread

Alright? Blowing a fucking hooly here. Off to work for more exhausting fun soon, but I do enough moaning about that, so tell me what’s up with your Mondays…


Good morning @anon19035908, good morning DiS!

Might have a Topic for breakfast and walk the dog. Might just stay in bed until midday chaining IASIP. Decisions, decisions.

Pretty sure I dreamed about @weeber’s massive yorkie pud.


Back to work. Yay.

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I’ve just about run out of work to do. Quite surprised it’s taken this long, but here we are. Shit.

I might make another yorkie pud to lift my spirits.



Slept for 9 hours last night which I haven’t managed all lockdown. There is a god after all.


Omg this is the best Monday ever

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Very windy here too.

Getting myself all twisted with worry because R has a rash and I’m not sure what could have caused it so obviously thinking it is something bad even though he doesn’t appear otherwise unwell.

Got no plans for the day, as per.

Hi everyone

I’ve got the day off work. Too blustery to do a bike so I’ll try and do lots of music and some cleaning and laundry and whatnot

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Hiya. Got two tests today for the job I had a video interview for yesterday. A bit nervous.


Morning all. Breezy here, but it looks like the sun is making an effort, having been woefully sloppy yesterday.

Looking forward to the point today where are team are asked how yesterday’s ramblings from the PM affect lock businesses. Bearing in mind we can’t say “christ only knows” it should be an interesting response.

Morning WFH…got a load to do and really struggled to get up this morning…you know when you just doze on and off for ages…that.

Anyway, going to do some yoga and then get to it.

Windy out west, just spent ages brushing the dog which is always sort of rewarding. Got to go to the hospital for a check up on the ol’ elbow later, hoping to see a gross x-ray. Then I must work, sigh. Hope you all have a good Monday, the breakfast of the week.

This is maybe the only upside of being injured.

Hope the check up shows positive progress though :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks, it feels pretty amazing considering I broke it what, three weeks ago? There’s going to be pins in there and everything!

How’s your ankle doing nowadays?

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Morning party people

Got the day off today. It’s ridiculously windy right now, but I’m going to take Jimbo to the Undercliff path for a bike ride in the hope it’s less windy there. I’ve got to try and do some teaching with him too, which will probably involve writing some numbers on pebbles while we’re down there. Today’s number is 14 apparently.

Might dye my hair tonight and go blonde for the first time in months


did a bicycle

ate come crumpets

making another coffee

want to finish my book today please, thank you

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My ankle seems pretty ok, but it isn’t really getting tested that much as I’ve not left the house in weeks. Withstands my current sporadic exercise of choice though (skipping).

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Oh shit yeah, got to do some edumacating as well! Idk about other Dis parents with young kids (ours is 6) but I’ve sort of binned off structured lessons in favour of getting her to read and do bits of maths stuff during the day as it comes up, and then doing crafts and music and so on. Full respect to teachers, I don’t know how they keep kids on task at this age. Bit worried she’s going to go back to school like Cletus but able to play the keyboard and skate.