Windy Saturday

It’s a very blustery day, isn’t it?

The Child has been trying to get up since five. Wor Lass has arranged a play date with the most annoying kid from nursery and then we have to have a meal with other friends for a catch up that we’re also catching up with tomorrow.

How are you spending the day?


Morning @keith . My child was up FAR too early too. Annoying.

Today will involve a pub lunch, a trip to town, then a night out in Hove seeing Penelope Trappes and Saint Etienne

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Hey up Hey the heck up.

Got to go welcome at church then gloriously NOTHING.

So nice. May make a Quorn based pie.



Up much earlier than I would have liked, but I’m enjoying my coffee and then I’m going to wrap up in as many clothes as possible to go to the indie label market at Kings Cross and buy some rekkids. May also buy a coat.

Morning all.

Had a decent sleep to the sound of the roaring wind. Thought today might be the morning for a lie in, as the dog was still nice and settled in bed. Then he got up and was sick on the floor, so that was that.

Not much in the plans. A wet/snowy and windy dog walk and need to pop to Sainsbo’s for a few bits and pieces. Bit of football watching but mainly a whole lot of nothing.

So windy the garden table blew over! (this is my fault as I didn’t close the umbrella). Our dog hates the wind, so she’s hugely on edge. Got some gentle plans to go out for a mooch and a coffee, and it happens to be my birthday which is nice, so happy my birthday to all of you and I hope you have a great day!


Morning all :wave:

Am still in bed, sat up with a cup of tea. Think I might give the football a miss later as it looks miserable. Will probably drag the cheeksters round a woods this morning before the storm hits.

Might play Ticket To Ride: Europe Edition later. Definitely going to be eating pizza for dinner and probably watching Moana :sailboat:

@Funkhouser (and maybe others)

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I’ve been thinking about making a pie this week but we’ve done all of my standard options quite recently so did not get any further.

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Bairn 2, is miraculously, still sleeping. Bairn 1 is upstairs in a huff as I wouldn’t let him watch me doing a poo.

Catching up on masterchef.

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Moana is dead good, isn’t it?

We’re watching We Could Be Heroes on Netflix (for the 800th time) and it isn’t dead good.

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I made a homity pie the other week and it was very nice (can’t remember if you are vegetarian or vegan? But I guess you could sub the cheese and crème fraiche for plant based alternatives)

And Moana is great!

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Football’s been cancelled. Feel like I’ve gained 4 hours. Might go shops and make an elaborate breakfast before the Fulham game.

But first, and don’t speak to me until I’ve had it, is a cup of Joe (coffee)

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Also quick straw poll.

Game called off at 8am (10:30 kickoff)

  • They genuinely know/think the pitch is unplayable
  • They’re struggling for numbers, were on the piss last night and the weather’s a handy excuse

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I’m actually neither of those but I’m not a massive fan of most cheese so often tend to avoid it unless I can’t think of a decent substitute.

The Anna Jones celeriac and garlic pie that @Scout recommends is excellent.

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Oh I’ll look that up. Always on the hunt for good meat-free options for a Sunday lunch

Both - there are still severe weather warnings until 6.00pm here and I think the weather is worse in Yorkshire.

It’ll be a bit like a snow day - you know it’s going to be called off so you make the most of it by having a quiet seven pints, three rounds of sambucca and two orange WKD after work.


HB!! :birthday: :tada:


Happy birthday! :partying_face:

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