Windy Saturday


Meant be seeing my folks, but eldest is ill, so don’t think I’ll bother. So nothing really. Wife’s last day of isolation. Would quite like to make something nice for dinner but she can’t taste atm so it’ll be a waste.

Also heard from a mate who I thought was ghosting and pushing me away. He’s going through a really rubbish patch with family health and the burden that places, so was nice to get a message back. Don’t want that relationship to go to the dogs

What can I say except you’re welcome


Not quite the right season for it but the anna Jones double green pie is also excellent (I substitute the egg for mashed up white beans though I do still put the feta in it). Its filo pastry and so more of a spring sort of dish rather than a hearty winter thing.

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Got a solitary weekend coming up. Not sure I want to see anyone that much anyway

Erg, fucking hate windy days

Having some toast and marmalade, got a to do list to hopefully keep me occupied

Jermaine Clement as a vain Bowie crab is a genius piece of casting

maui youre welcome GIF


Happy Birthday :partying_face: :birthday::tada:

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Oh my home :mushroom: growing kit came so I’m going to get that going hopefully



Sure is going to be a fresh tour today. Last night there was such a weird alien noise going on because of the wind, assume it was Beetham tower humming but never heard it from here before. Did you hear it @Matt_was_taken

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HP BD PB! :cake:

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Morning. Playing some xbox with the kids. Partner has a haircut on Victoria Road - any recs on a coffee shop nearby? - and then off to the village for a lights switch on and a hang with pals

Hanging out my arse send help please

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Happy birthday, PB! :tada::partying_face:

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This is the first day of a week of leave, and will feature a wet and windy trip across London to play hockey.

I don’t usually post in these threads, but couldn’t think of anywhere else to put this (we don’t have a Kylie thread)

Happy Birthday pal :partying_face:


Talked to the most obnoxious person ever yesterday, she told me she’s changing the world by quitting her job and starting a web design startup and at one point she unironically said ‘I don’t know what it is exactly but I seem to inspire lots of people’

As soon as she said it I was thinking I can’t wait to post about this on dis



Yeah, the beatham tower was loud last night. Heard it a few times in the past. Was a load of branches shed from trees in the roads too

I’m a big fan of Grain & Grind but it might be too far from Victoria Rd to be an option.

The only places I could recommend on Victoria Rd itself are Lidl and Kebabish but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

@Unlucky will know somewhere.

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Saw this the other day and it is on my list to Santa.

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OK. I’ve got out of bed and I’m willing to change my answer to give them the benefit of the doubt