Windy Wednesday Thread

Good morning!

It’s another beautiful day in the Arctic:

The numbers on the right is the wind in metres/second :smiling_face_with_tear:

Miiiiight be some exciting new things rolling out here on the forums today (or if not, then probably tomorrow). :innocent:

Wishing you all beautiful Wednesdays wherever you are :sparkles::sparkles:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning! Here’s a little mystery for you. When I went to brush my teeth before going to bed last night, the tube of toothpaste had disappeared. It wasn’t on the floor or down the side of the cupboard. My housemate has his own toothpaste, but even if he’d accidentally used mine it was about a quarter full, so he can’t have used it all. Strange.

Morning all!

I’m not teaching this morning but I’ve got a stack of bitty admin tasks, including setting up communication with a class I won’t be teaching tomorrow because I’m striking.

I’m very much looking forward to my non-contact football training later.

:+1: Got WAP stuck in my head
:-1: Had a dream about my brother cockblocking me and me going absolutely apeshit and hitting him.
:+1: woke up to my beloved sending money for our group meet up the weekend after restrictions are eased in May which means if it all goes well imma get some cuddles :star_struck:
:-1: no Monster, just coffee today.

:notes: There’s some whores in this house there’s some whores in this house there’s some whores in this house :notes: :dancer: :sunglasses: :cocktail:

Good morning!

Had a bit of a rough night’s sleep because the dog was on the bed taking up far too much room but obviously, like a fool, rather than move him I just slept uncomfortably all night.

Speaking of the dog, going to have my cup of tea and take him for a walk.

Bacon and white pudding sandwich for brunch.

Weather looks decent, so think I’ll park the car at Selly Oak and walk in to work this afternoon.

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Had a good walk, got back at 9, realised my first meeting started at half 8.

Got some quite urgent work for the first time in a while

Whoever you stood up deserves it for putting in a meeting at half eight (I guess it’ll be you now)

Calls with large volumes of people dialling in, tend to be put in at half 8 or half 4 to try not strain the network too much, not sure if it works.

I thought that a green velvet sofa was a pipe dream for my forthcoming flat but I’ve found a gorgeous one which is oodles cheaper than the other sofas I’ve been looking at. Here we… Here we… Here we fucking go!!


pics please!

Watched the final of Interior Design Masters and really want to do an opulent makeover

My brother, being shown pic by parents: “it’s her kind of thing I suppose, I wouldn’t be seen dead with it” Yeah mate because you have no taste!!



I’m very jealous, my neighbour was out when her sofa was delivered so I let them in, and it was similar to that one. I was quite tempted to just put it in my house and say it never turned up

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Going to college for the first time this year. Cannot find my knives or my chef hat. ffs

Really hope you’re not doing veterinary medicine


Can confirm I am not.

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Oh my god I’m the most frequent poster in this thread today :grimacing: we really are a bit dead at the moment aren’t we


Ooh it is a bit quiet

I don’t have anything much to report though, as it is a boring day for me and nothing is happening.

Surely prison is worth going to, if only to see if the portrayal of it in Goodfellas (specifically, cutting garlic with a razorblade) is accurate