Wine Gums

Wine gums.
Wine. Gums.

What a weird concept.

Wine gum sourz are among the best sweets


Fine gums more like, amirite!

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tried the Cocktail wine gums recently. 6/10, not swayed from my brand loyalty to Tangy Wine Gums

You can get prosecco gums at my local pick and mix. The structure is so odd they’re practically a fluid. So soft.

Is cool pick and mix a thing? For rich people.

Fucking meat sweets. Bullshit needs to be banned.

Theyre very nice. Would appreciate a veggie version

Some hot, raunchy gum on gum action


not sure there are any good sweets, except maybe skittles

I’m thinking like “yeah starburst are quite good” but then you have more than one or two and they’re really sickly and make your mouth dry and tickly.

do they still do rhubarb and custard sweets? Those were maybe good

you’ve got a quid to go to the shop and get a treat.

If you get sweets rather than chocolate, you’ve fucked up


i remember alcohol flavour ones

my gran loves a wine gum. she’s diabetic so she cant have them often, but she says they make her nails stronger, so she has one a day

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wine is an alcohol

remember Fruit Gums? They were a sticky nightmare.


they’re good, no doubt about that but it’s a fact that fruit pastilles are even better

ah yeah, those are a top tier sweet

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oh my

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