WINE Thread (Boxed/Bagged/Organic?)

I want to get a box or bag of red wine that is organic and nice.

Sometimes I fancy a single class of wine at the weekend but only drink either on a Friday or a Saturday but not both…so opening a bottle doesn’t really work for me.

Has anyone tried this?

Are you a boxed wine drinker? A bagged wine drinker?
Whats your wine consumption like?

Only drink wine at weekends. If I’m in on a Friday night I’ll drink an entire bottle of red. One of my very favourite things to do. If I’m going round someones for dinner or whatever I’ll drink a lot of red.

VERY rarely drink red when going to the pub.

Any thoughts on etiquette when going to someone’s for dinner on bringing wine? I think if you’re a couple you should take 2 bottles; my wife vehemently disagrees with this.

I’d probably take 1 bottle of wine but we’d also take a growler or a couple of nice beers.

I think 2 bottles is ok but only if you know it’s going to be a good old piss up.

Don’t drink wine. My family are DANGEROUS on wine. My brother fell over a railing in Wembley during the Rugby World Cup and broke his nose after drinking about eight mini bottles of wine. I stay away from it.

Oh yeah not exclusive to wine, but I’m firmly of the mind that you should bring 2 booze “things” so yeah bottle of wine + few beers is sound.

We typically take a bottle of fizz as we assume the hosts will have bought the wine.

EDIT: always check if there’s a shop close by though and go and get more if it goes off a bit.

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At festivals I like buying a can of coke as a hangover buster, then decanting wine from a bladder (removed from a box) into the can throughout the day, works better than you’d expect from an IASIP idea

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wolf blast, campo viejo or the one that comes in the canvas bag please

Oh you’ve seen it’s always sunny


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cola and old/cheap wine is a proper thing isn’t it?
I mean in a lot of ways it’s scary last days of rome stuff, but it works

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Girl at work swears by it when she’s hungover. It’s pretty good tbh.

Drink half the can for a sugar hit, then drink half wine half coke to ease you in, then just wine from a can. What a day

I love white wine, sparkling wine… I’m not a huuuge fan of red, just because I don’t find it thirst quenching enough. I suppose you shouldn’t drink wine because you’re thirsty though. Also, I hate the black stained lips thing. I once had a sparkling red wine, that was nice. I do seem to get the worst red wine hangovers *shakes head*

I quite like the idea of having a box of wine on the go. How long could you have it lying about with the seal broken before it’d go bad?

A friend would take the bag out of the box and shove it in her pants and sneak it into clubs when she was a poor student. Apparently her bum looked great!

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This one reckons once you’ve started it, it’ll last for 2 months!

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I’d give it a week

Brilliant!! I’m the same as you, I often fancy just one glass at the end of the day. Would really like to get some really really thin, nice glasses like you get in fancy restaurants. Oofft. Quite keen on the tumblers. Would obviously smash them to bits. I once managed to smash a glass just by looking at it.


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Does JI have tumblers?

I got some v nice wine glasses

Obviously I only use the pink one!

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