🍷 Wine 🍷

A brilliant invention, I think we can all agree. Red is obviously the best, some whites are nice, especially Spanish, rosé is nice sometimes on a very hot day, and fizzy wine is unpleasant heartburn juice. Now we’ve got the unanimous ranking out the way, let’s talk about wine!


god damn love ma wine. got a few cracking bottles sitting in the flat waiting for me and an ATD to find an evening to get into them.



Different wines for different needs




Old world wines > new world wines


Have limited experience of wines, and only like a few, love it when i get to try someone’s and i like it though

Going to be honest I am not really a connoisseur of wine, I can never remember what whites I like and which ones are gross because usually if I’m drinking wine it’s just so I can be a very funny drunk (and have an appalling hangover the next day with the sweats). Barefoot is the one I usually get. Had some absolutely amazing white wine at my hostel in Ohrid (North Macedonia) but it’s not easy to get here.

I am a fun and feisty woman who likes to have a good time, so I love prosecco. Red is only good for mulled wine and sangria, tastes like vinegar otherwise.

Love using wine in cooking. It feels so decadent.

I’d also love to be one of those people who has a load of wine bottles in a wine rack. can’t imagine living such an indulgent life.

Had a bit of a wine phase and it was kind of a nice hobby, getting to appreciate tastes and styles/regions/grapes etc you like. Had to quit drinking but might be a nice thing to return to again one day.


£10-£18 is the sweet spot for quality and value I think. Obviously a lot of under £10 wines are good but you know that something about £14-15 is gonna be nice. Over £20 for a ‘normal’ bottle of wine and you’re a mug.

I’ve got a cellar

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I love you but you’re an idiot.


What’s in it?

Couple of bikes, some smokeless fuel, and an old bag of cement. Gone hard.


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I reeeeeally love sangria but I just can’t stomach normal red. And I’m glad, because I have light coloured carpets.

Drinking sangria in the paddling pool in the sunshine when I was furloughed in May 2020 is one of the happiest times of my life


I lived somewhere for a while with a wine cave. Sadly never had more than about 6 bottles of wine in though.

Sangria is very nice, especially out of a 70c carton of Don Simon, but mulled wine is a hate crime.

I buy wine and I drink wine, in that order.


Things I remember from the zoom wine tasting evening we did:

  1. Generally no flavourings are added and all the tasting notes are just properties of the grape/vintage/processing combination. Blew my mind, this.
  2. Lots of white wines are made from red grapes with the skins filtered out immediately.

This is all I remember because we ploughed through 5 bottles between two of us with me doing the heavy lifting. Fun night

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Got some crap red wine that’s barely drinkable? Mix it with Coca Cola. Tastes lovely.

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Lambrini is the best

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