Genuine, technically most accomplished celebrity winker: Kate McKinnon


When I was a kid I couldn’t really wink without also moving my jaw to the side of the eye that I was winking with. At the time I thought it made me look like Ten-Cents from Tugs but in reality I looked like a fucking idiot.

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My mum can wink like that, either eye.

I can only do my left and that not very well

instinctively give people a wink when I say goodbye to them. not sure if I should stop this or not.

  • stop it
  • keep doing it

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If anything, do it more


no way in hell could I pull it off

I like to do the winking while doing finger guns and making a click-click noise thing. Underrated gesture that. You know you’re dealing with a serious player when you get the winking finger guns.


If I wink with my right eye I have to screw up my whole face but if I wink with me left eye the lid goes down really easily (too easily cause when I’m tired it goes lazy)

I only ever wink when demonstrating how difficult I find sly winking to someone

Once got chosen as the murderer in a game of wink murder, I lasted about 15 seconds because I just kept doing this: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: