Winnie the Pooh


Pooh haha


It is funny that that bear is called Pooh Bear isn’t it


Can I hijack this thread into ‘names that have been around for ages and are ridiculous but you don’t really think about it like that too much’

Winnie the Pooh
Young Boys (football team)

I’m sure there are others.


Winnie the Turd


Did you see that recent film “Christopher Robin”?


I (love/am slightly horrified at the abuse of power) that the whole series is banned in China purely because he has a passing resemblance to President Xi and people started to take the piss.



My dad used to have this up on his desk at work so now it’s on top of my drawers. Think Winnie the Pooh is so lovely that if I think about him for too long it makes me well up hahaha


Did you see that recent film “Christopher Robin”?


I really want to but worried I’d be a blubbering mess at the cuteness and scare all the kids haha. Have you? :slight_smile:


Just posting so that ant can ask me if I have seen the film Christopher Robin even though he knows I have.




You will definitely cry when you see it. I have seen the film “Christopher Robin” and I thought it was quite sweet.


Have you seen the recent film “Hotel Transylvania 3”?


was pooh short for something? i always assumed it was an old fashioned nick name that has only relatively recently become funny… but i’ve never heard of anything / anyone else being called pooh

epimer please don’t say wee legs


I haven’t seen Christopher Robin, I have seen HT3 - it was really bad.


Fucking dire isn’t it.


should have seen the meg instead, that was great


No but I have seen 1&2 and they are pretty shit.

I rewatched Padders 2 on Sunday and it is still wonderful.

However I am mainly watching 2 of the 4 Alvin and the Chipmunk films on loop (Squeakquel and Chipwrecked) and to cement my nomination for Dad od the Year 2018 even listened to the Chipwrecked soundtrack in the car on Saturday.


I have an (adult) colleague who stands by the fact that the first two CGI Alvin and the Chipmunk films “are good movies”


Some of it was just baffling. There’s the bit where the girl takes a photo underwater and notices the captain’s feet in the corner of the photo swimming away, and you think “well that must come into play later on”, and it just doesn’t.

I’m informed by my brother that the first two films were better.