Winning and Prizes Thread

What’s the last thing you won?

I just won £3.00 on a scratchcard. This is equal to the initial cost of the scratchcard. It will go towards another scratchcard.

What’s the most notable thing you’ve won?

I won a drawing competition when I was 10 that got me a bicycle. I have also won an eisteddfod poetry contest but the prize was a slightly less exciting small wooden chair trophy.


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I have won on the school raffle three times out of maybe four? Spend a fiver each time.

  • £25 voucher for Bill’s that we accidentally let expire
  • A basket full of crap from Tiger - a lot of shit, couple of ok items. Wicker basket is ok.
  • A load of kid’s stuff like waxidoodles, stationery etc plus a 3’ Mickey Mouse

entry to a cycling sportive on closed roads, which was then cancelled (because they were scared I’d be too good)

My wife won a sofa last year though, which was absolutely joyous.

Did she win it in a poker game?

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Yes - we won it off the coren-mitchells (they now have to sit on the floor when they’re watchiing Only Connect)


how are you enjoying these so far

Last thing I won: £30 bar tab in pub quiz
Best: dunno, think I won a gin making day once? Didn’t use it but gave it away to my sister for her birthday. She thought it was amazing and got me a nice watch for Christmas as a result.

Life, m8

M8 would be a great prize. I’d rename it the Steved expressway and make the middle lane my own personal lane.

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I’d change all the signs that say “Edinburgh” to “Wanktown”

I was thinking of sending Mickey round to @xylo’s


Last thing I won: my dad writes a quiz every year for Christmas Eve and my team (usually me and the TV, once me on my own) win every time. He did one for the family holiday the other week and we won again. Prize recession means I’ve gone from winning £50 to a plastic litre bottle of Gordon’s from the cupboard to nothing at all. Everyone’s sick of me winning but especially my sister who tries really hard.

Most notable thing: won return flights from the local airport to a European destination last year, went to Prague for a long weekend.


Paddy Power paid out on my bet from 3 years ago for RLB to be next Labour leader. Still don’t understand why - something about the bet being dead old and they couldn’t be bothered with it knocking about any more? Either way I’ll take the £170 thank you.

I won £40 off a £5 free horse racing bet from the Sun once. I used it to buy a ticket to Sweden vs Brazil at the Emirates.

I also won some pimped out vinyl special edition of the Halo soundtrack of DiS once. Ended up selling it on eBay.

I won’t be able to tell you that I won the lottery once, but I came close.

Our syndicate at work got 5 numbers, so we got about £250 each

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Every day on this message board is like a lottery win

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it’s the postcode lottery and I’m scott quinnell

great stuff

can’t believe your dad doesn’t game it so that it’s questions about stuff you have no clue… or maybe you just know too much?

won 20 quid off a scratchcard that I immediately spent on booze and fags after cashing in.

that’s the only thing I’ve won, apart from best goal in DiS football (08/09 season)