Winning and Prizes Thread

He loves tricksy questions like “how many Sinn Fein MPs sit in the House of Commons” and my sister will be counting on her fingers and wondering about the likely politics of the individual constituencies of NI and the answer my dad’s looking for is zero cos they don’t take their seats


i won a t-shirt in a Street Fighter 4 competition once.

on the day it came out, there was a arcade machine set up in the big HMV on Oxford Street and if you could win three matches in a row, you got a t-shirt. helpfully i had got the game a couple of days early so knew some moves, wiped the floor with everyone with Blanka, got myself a Blanka t-shirt that i still treasure to this day.

first two fights were dead easy tbf, playing randoms who just happened to be in HMV. the third guy was better and said that he’d noticed that i always started each round by doing that cannonball move horizontally and getting the first hit in, so he was wise to it, don’t bother with that. first round started, he jumped to avoid my cannonball, i did the diagonally up and right cannonball instead and got him straight away. cannot overemphasise how smug i felt doing that.


Always, always start by blocking against Blanka. Bloody n00bs.

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Thank god for barcode based prize allocation systems.