Winter | audit


Have you done any of the following yet:

  • worn a coat
  • put the heating on
  • upgraded to winter duvet
  • worn tights
  • moaned about how cold it’s got
  • eaten soup?


None of the above. I’m not counting a lightweight rain jacket as a coat, as I would have worn that in the summer rain too.


gf put the heating on the other night. it was too much for me really


you still chucking out tights are one wear, @meowington ?


had the log burner going a couple of times.
wearing a windproof jacket for cycling.
listened to Winter I Sweater by Yo La Tengo a few times.


worn a coat - NO
put the heating on - NO
upgraded to winter duvet - NO
worn tights - NO
moaned about how cold it’s got - NO
eaten soup? - NO


We shall see

  • Coat - no
  • Heating - I put it heating on a couple of weeks ago, just to check that it was all working right and the radiators didn’t need bleeding, etc. Does that count? It’s not been used in regular service yet.
  • Duvet upgrade - just use the same one year round
  • Tights - n/a
  • Moaned about the cold - no, other than general moaning about Autumn being shit
  • Soup - Yes. Couldn’t be arsed with proper food the other day


worn a coat No, still in shorts + tshirt on the commute in
put the heating on No
upgraded to winter duvet Got the middle, 9.5 tog one on
worn tights Wearing tights right now, but I normally wear tights at work unless it’s like a heatwave
moaned about how cold it’s got No
eaten soup? No


yeah done a few of those but I had to take off my coat yesterday cause it was too hot so jokes on me


worn a coat - no
put the heating on - no
upgraded to winter duvet - n/a
worn tights - n/a
moaned about how cold it’s got - no
eaten soup? - yes (obviously)

  • yes, but tbf it was on a mountain in hammering wind
  • no
  • don’t have one, I just put more and more pyjamas on until I suffocate
  • yes (I wore tights in July though)
  • no
  • currently eating soup


Closed my bedroom windows which is probably as close to an extreme heating procedure as it gets for me.


Yeah, I didn’t have the fan on last night or the night before.


None of the above.


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Yeah our living room windows have gone from being on the catch to being proper shut. Bedroom window is still on vent for now though.


I pity anyone who can’t enjoy soup at any time of the year, tbh.

Why do you chuck out tights after only one use?


No to all of the above.

I’m still walking around outside in a t-shirt - the weather is just about perfect for me at the moment.


Turned the heating on for my housemates the other night. If it was up to me it wouldn’t be going on until it got properly cold.

Haven’t done any of the other things.