Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent




holy shit!! how are these fuckers still in government??

  1. Because they have no shame
  2. Because capital is terrified of a centre-left government
  3. Because the people who own the press in this country are terrified of a centre-left government
  4. Because capital and the people who own the press in this country have no shame.

  1. Because approx 40% of voters are dickheads who enjoy screwing over the less fortunate


The Daily Express is properly batshit insane


Someone had to take on the Daily Mail’s mantle.


I feel like they’ve basically not understood what the battle over the government publishing the brexit legal advice was actually about and just decided it’s about trying to sabotage brexit?


They’ve soiled themselves in glory.


I’m fairly sure the editorial staff know exactly what the battle over the brexit advice is all about, but went for maximum outrage in the headline because it’ll drive more idiots to buy it.


Was it you who refused to disclose the Attorney General’s full legal advice?


And thus, with the mention of Prometheus, did two DiS tropes come together like illicit lovers in a secret motel room.


17.4 million people isn’t very much is it? What is the population of the UK? 70 million?

Weird argument to go with. MPs not siding with the minority.


It sounds like a big number if either you don’t think to question it or you’re one of that 17.4 million, I guess


UK pop is 66m but there are 45.7m electors, of which 33.5m turned out to vote in the EU referendum.


Top top banter from the lads over the water there


Anybody listen to May on Today just now? I did, but it all washed over me. She and Humphrys got a pop in at Corbyn, that’s all I remember.



I thought this quite a good summary of where we are, if it helps/matters.



Wow! That final paragraph!