Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



there’s an actual coded death threat at the end there, holy shiittt


This is the stuff we’ve been trying to warn the People’s Vote advocates about isn’t it.


the audacity to mention Jo Cox in there too.


audacity is the wrong word. Replace it with a much stronger word of your choosing.


It won’t make any difference alas, but I hope Brendan Cox publicly tells them to go fuck themselves


that’s what i mean, they mention her then speculate darkly a second later about “what might happen”…ipso or something has to have a word surely


That won’t be happening I wouldn’t have thought.


Did they mean to say that after the vote is lost next week none of the “maybe” three options is good? Not sure they did.




I wonder, do Sun readers ever feel patronised reading shit like this?


Am I correct in saying that the backstop is an agreement that comes into place if nothing is agreed regarding the Irish border during the transition period?

If that’s the case, how can May give MPs a say as to whether we go into it or not (as she seems to be claiming today)? Surely the point is that it automatically kicks in?


*the small % of Sun readers who bother reading editorials


80% of Sun readers buy it more or less out of habit with their pie, mars bar and 40 quid of unleaded. They mostly look at the sports and celeb section, glance at the rest, because they don’t hold much to reading and have busy lives. That’s why the bits Murdoch wants them to absorb are in bold.

I think the other 20% are just psychopaths.


Don’t Know’s fucking storming it right now


Can’t believe 4% of people think it’s appropriate to start jumping rope when asked a political question.


how do you not know you fucking doss cunts


‘If Yvette Cooper was Labour leader she’d be 20 points ahead!’


I’m not sure if I read it correctly, but I think she’s offering MPs a choice between the backstop or extending transition. The latter of which requires agreement from the EU…


…and they’ll still insist on a backstop even if agreeing to a longer transition period, presumably.


I dunno why these pesky Europeans don’t trust us when we’re consistently trying to find ways around their rules.