Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



The real eye-opener for me throughout this whole charade is that many on the EU side seemed to have a nostalgic view of the UK being efficient and honourable and not a bunch of shitehouses.


Can’t wait to see gown Theresa wriggles out of this one!


I guess that means that Vince Cable can now claim that 100% of LibDem MPs will vote against May’s deal.


Imagine remaining in a party that currently exists solely to oppose Brexit while intending to vote for any Brexit tabled.


Replace brexit with ‘fees’ :grin:



just realized he was unseated by that tosser off here.


It’s really hard on Facebook not to write political stuff at people you went to school with when they’ve become lib dem town councillors.


Nah I lived in Sheffield Central at the time


Not been massively up to date with the tos and fros this week but having caught a snippet of the news tonight where it was widely accepted May was heading for a humiliating defeat at the meaningful vote, here’s what I reckon will happen…

It’ll either scrape through or will narrowly miss getting through and suddenly the media spin will be that it wasn’t as bad as we feared and therefore is somehow a kind of victory (the sort of one where more accurately it is a loss, like every Scotland qualifying campaign really or a metaphor for Brexit or something).

Tiny amendment, some rebels secure some sort of concession and it goes through at the second time of asking cause it is either May’s deal or no deal, despite a multitude of options other than this being available.

I hope to god I’m wrong.


Debate Fans Left HEARTBROKEN


My favourite oxymoron


bit sad to see the whole working class people/the poor are stupid and contemptuous thing coming back again on this forum.

Come on people we all know this is unhelpful and we can do better :+1:


(I know it’s very frustrating and we all need a release valve too but let’s be mindful)




I mean, I wonder if people’s loyalty to certain papers is really so different to say sports teams or something?

How many people on here support a football team who has at one point fielded players who have committed assault, are racist, whose other fans have been abusive and horrible etc?

Not saying the analogy is 100% accurate but just a way to frame it so we think about how the reductivism can apply to our own lives too.



that’s really terrifying!


as someone who has been trying to help their parent through some severe mental health problems, it took about 2 years for her to end up on the right balance of medication and dosage so she can have some quality of life, this could all be swept away if dosages are suddenly changed :frowning:


Fucking hell