Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



it must be just scaremongering and project fear though because it’s in …checks notes …The Times

Medicine rationing eh…in 2019…for entirely self-inflicted reasons

the fucking Tories man


maybe trying to sway people into voting for May’s deal?


I have no idea what the least worst option that could happen now is btw?

Don’t know where to direct my anger and sadness


except it’s very clearly directed at the Government - rather than Parliament - being the ones stealing control away from GPs. Plus now that we know parliament can just pull out of Article 50 there is no falling off the cliff edge into a No Deal scenario. No Deal can only be intentionally forced.


watched some of channel 4 news last night, seemed like a majority of people want no deal regardless?


I’ve veen noticing it massively on Facebook over the last couple of days. I wonder if somethings going on at the moment.


people are idiots


I think people are just often naturally tribal tbh.

I get most of my views from DiS and use the style of language I’ve picked up from DiS to frame things so I’m probably not so different.


I’m sorry but anyone who wants a No Deal scenario is either a pure idiot or a sadist/nihilist idiot


people want to side with their friends and family and those who they look up to and relate to more than they care about the details I guess


Is this what people voted for? Is this the will of the people that can’t possibly be overturned cos of ‘democracy’?

Pretty sure it’s not.


I’d like to hope the answer is to try and push back against the discourse about Europe and migrants and get people to relate to the EU and immigrants in general. Obviously this is not going to be easy or possible in the short term but the middle class despising the poor for being stupid (not saying you specifically are doing this) will be more harmful than helpful


Some might stick with it in spite of its deliberate racism, sexism and misinformation in general, but at the same time I imagine that at least a significant number of readers of The Sun (from all classes, it must be said) remain loyal to it precisely because they agree with the racism, sexism, etc that it spouts, rather than turning a blind eye to it because of something else it offers.

Think the problems with framing it as “Sun readers” are (amongst other things):

(a) it assumes that The Sun as the stereotypical “working-class” newspaper is quantifiable worse at spreading hate and misinformation than more middle- or upper-class, “respectable” right wing papers like the Telegraph when really they are equivalents.

(b) that everyone who reads the Sun is working class (when, from my experience, plenty of middle-class people purchase and read it too, often to have their same -immigrant/feminist-fearing biases confirmed too) and

© the trap we generally fall into assuming that everybody who regularly buys a particular newspaper does so for the same reasons.

Apologies if I’m blathering on about points that are not that original or insightful :persevere:


The Tories always bang on about hard working people and shame anyone on benefits or who has struggled to get far in their career etc, this is how the discourse in England is framed and has been since I was aware of the Tories (maybe some older folks can clarify how far back this goes). So you have decades of the state and “polite society” implying that it’s your own fault if you have a shit life because you didn’t try hard enough.

Now there’s finally some kind of mainstream narrative that acknowledges for people that it’s not their fault, that they have been fucked over and their misery is out of their hands (the evil EU) and of course that’s hugely powerful for people’s self-esteem. Tories & Labour are never going to admit that they have failed millions of people and nobody wants to look at how class is so deeply ingrained in British society going back to god knows, Roman times?

I don’t think it’s at all surprising that so many want to vote leave or feel empowered by it tbh




Hey, that’s not true. They could represent wealthy interests/capital who would benefit from the chaos, investment funds and the like, buying up distressed assets on the cheap.

So it’s not just racists, it’s crooks as well

edit: accidental almost Stewart Lee there


and tbh I’d probably put up with a huge personal hit to my prospects and future if it meant I didn’t have to feel the burden of guilt from society anymore.


I feel like this. I see some ‘we voted to leave’ opinions from people I know on Facebook and I don’t see it any different to the opinion people have on ‘chavs’ or the ‘undeserving’ welfare claimant. Years of media and government rhetoric has an affect. I saw some people the other day (lib dems) who couldn’t grasp that disenfranchised people might vote for something like Brexit and then they all had a go about sun readers not caring about universities because they’re working class idiots and questioned the intelligence of working class non university educated people. Maddening stuff.


And they of course are the main ones behind it all.

And could you say wanting to destroy the country for your own personal gain is nihilistic?


you’re right - my bad - I was just thinking of the general person on the street but of course you’re right insofar as the uber capitalist hyenas love tearing open the dead corpses of the rest of us and sucking the marrow from our lifeless bones

not sure how I forgot that there for a minute