Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



we may all be fated to live in terrible times but all the more reason to make this life count and push back a message of tolerance in intolerant times right? :slight_smile:

Don’t lose hope people, we can all contribute something to make the world a better place :+1:



There’s a whole 60 page report on the rhetoric of ‘Us vs Them’ that Amnesty wrote at the beginning of this year but is, as yet, only internal. The link there is just a starting point really but definitely worth a read.


tough to know what the right balance is for reading stuff like this for me. I think I operate best when I vaguely know and acknowledge how terrible the world is without sticking my face into the blender of it.

Would be great if there was like a news/current events thing for anxious people


(actually that’s basically what the DiS politics threads are tbh, so thanks everyone!)



stay out of my swamp


To quote a famous Irishman, “You can stick it up your bollocks.”


Tories using the threat of famine in Ireland, for ffs sake, can all of them get in the sea


That’s flat out disgusting.


The coordinator of the campaign I’ve been working wrote this and it’s well worth a read.


But the plan was rejected by Heidi Nordby Lunde, an MP in Norway’s governing Conservative party, and leader of Norway’s European movement. She said her views reflected those of the governing party even though the Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, has been more diplomatic by saying Noway would examine a UK application.

Lunde told the Guardian: “Really, the Norwegian option is not an option. We have been telling you this for one and a half years since the referendum and how this works, so I am surprised that after all these years it is still part of the grown-up debate in the UK. You just expect us to give you an invitation rather than consider whether Norway would want to give you such an invitation. It might be in your interest to use our agreement, but it would not be in our interest.”

Well Heidi Lunde, we’re Britain, and wild arrogance combined with abject stupidity is our main thing, so get used to it.




and it won’t stop at medicines will it. then they’ll say oh the debates have gone on long enough, time to use the henry 8th to put a stop to this shit. oh you can’t protest, chaos in the streets looks bad to post-brexit investors, protesting is now banned, henry the 8th. Etc.

this is a fash government without the balls to own it yet imo.


Yep I’ve always said no deal/hard brexit will lead to full on fascism. Once they’re removed all those pesky rights from EU membership and created a situation of riots and hunger then you can roll out fascism, all to help the people and bring order to the streets of course. I mean they’ve already talked about troops on the streets in the case of hard brexit.


tinfoil of me but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some of this stuff is being leaked deliberately to assess how it plays.


Epimer got it right in the french riot threads:

So many people, esp my parents generation just go, oh it’ll be fine won’t it, nothing really changes.

Reminds me of this from the other week


you can’t even trust that trialling a no deal brexit and having it be awful would be enough to get us to try to rejoin. i could easily imagine all the chaos and food riots being blamed on people like us, and on minorities and such, because we “didn’t believe in brexit enough” or something.


‘Nigel Evans, a senior figure in the European Research Group, tweeted: “Note to PM – entering the backstop amendments are totally irrelevant and misses the point.

“We need certainty on leaving the unnecessary backstop answering concerns of the Attorney General. Ministers touring U.K. flogging this dead deal are engaged in worst miss selling since PPI.”’

No need to drag national heroes into this one mate



a public schoolboy spat and a pig-headed refusal

Has someone made the jo- dammit.