Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



Regarding the LibDems’ attempted ‘People’s Vote’ amendments:

the People’s Vote campaign have this morning released a statement saying the Lib Dem move is “deeply unhelpful” because it is premature. A spokesman for the campaign explained:

The amendment by the Liberal Democrats is deeply unhelpful at this stage and does not have cross-party support or the backing of the People’s Vote campaign.

The focus and strategy of our campaign has always been first to get the government’s Brexit deal rejected by parliament on Tuesday and then pave the way for a People’s Vote when it has maximum support in the House of Commons.

This amendment is more about political point scoring than following a strategy and it would be deeply unfair for the Liberal Democrats to use this amendment against other supporters of the People’s Vote campaign who are united behind efforts to get the deal rejected and then secure the British public the final say they deserve.


This is the talk of our office and everyone is absolutely furious. How utterly pig-headed! How backward!

There’s been a lot of horrible, nonsensical stuff spouted by tory wankers during this whole process but this is the one that has fucked me off the most. Fuck off you fucking tory fucking dickheads.


Did you know that former prime minister David Cameron once put his penis in a severed pig’s head


Severed owns a pig?


I just read this morning that one of David Cameron’s favourite ever songs is The Eton Rifles - a song that pretty much incites class war against Eton-educated, politically aspirational, poshboy twats.

I’m starting to think this man isn’t the astute leader we all thought he was.


He has never listened to any music with lyrics out of his own volition. Guaranteed


absolute blinder, le garcon absolut

i don’t speak french


No shame or even vague attempt to hide the evil anymore.

That said, and in no way wanting to defend Priti Patel whatsoever, this line:

Threatening Ireland’s food supply :face_with_monocle::man_facepalming:t2:…as a descendent of people fleeing county Mayo, it amazes me that these expensively educated brexiteers have literally learned nowt about the history of these very isles.
— Tom Blenkinsop

…she’s one of the only ones of that lot who had a ‘normal’ (ie not massively privileged) education - Watford comp, Keele uni then Essex uni. Doesn’t explain why she’s so mega evil however, especially as the child of immigrants herself.


Most posh brexiteers are very proud of how much British history they know. How they remember it and how they apply it is just… extremely selective.


classic The Brits


Why are there no ‘The Brits are at it again’ memes?


Isn’t that just the news nowadays?


Been thinking, how do you think the referendum result should have been handled?

I reckon big Dave shouldn’t have stepped down, should have immediately called for a cross party process to ensure it was done as well as possible. They should have launched a public consultation and really bottomed out what people want, what aspects were a priority, and how much people were willing to lose. Fleshed out various scenarios, modelled likely impacts, then have another referendum with asking for preferences including remain, boiled it down alternative vote style, and then if a brexit option won triggered article 50.

I know that is pretty naive, it would make some brexiteers heads explode, and the media would have hated it, but I just wonder if they had a cross party support for the process and just keep reiterated how important it is to get right it might have been quite strong to deflect criticism, compared to one evil party with a super evil faction handling it


It should have been handled as a cross party issue after the election produced the result it did. There was a clear mandate for it there, but not on who should deliver it.

But British politics is adversarial and toxic, so, lol :upside_down_face:


Basically yes. They should have gone well it’s a very close result but we will now look in depth at what that would actually mean and report back. Like anyone or organisation would do in any other walk of life. But no, politics is where you can just make stupid decisions on a whim and with no actual knowledge of what you’re doing.


Wonder if it would have strengthened ukip’s appeal is a possible drawback



Even if you assume the absolute best faith of everyone involved, which is impossible, this would still have ended up in a shit sandwich deal not dissimilar to what May’s finally managed to produce. The key thing is that there’s no such thing as a good deal, and most of the public don’t understand that, or don’t care. Keep asking them and they’ll keep telling you to get on with it.

I think it always had to be this way: The Tories had to own it, all of the key Brexiteers had to make a total hash of it, they had to produce something nobody wants, it had to end in a parliamentary free-for-all. The only way this country was going to step back from the brink was if it was made crystal clear to everyone that it was a catastrophe (and that isn’t to say we’re not yet going to blithely throw ourselves into the abyss regardless).




You’re probably right that a cross-party deal would’ve ended up much the same, but I feel like selling it to the public would’ve been much easier? If only the ERG were lined up against it, my gut tells me it would easier to dismiss them as the cranks they are.