Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent

If only we knew where people were radicalised to the point that they abuse the likes of Owen Jones, Dawn Foster and Anna Soubry


Pretty sure Iannuchi has said he’s glad he stopped when he did, because politics has become impossible to satirise.

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Paid for with RUSSIAN DARK MONEY no doubt


I mean… it probably is.


It’s easy to overstate the influence of Facebook and fake news, but a more statistically grounded approach might just be to say that Boomers will kill us all:


the first time i ever got one of those “gangs are driving around at night with their headlights off to initiate new members, if you alert them to it they will chase you down and kill you” viral rumours on facebook it was from my elderly aunt, back in like 2007. we should have seen all this coming, dammit.


Am I missing something or is there no evidence in that article that they took the basic first step of controlling for the frequency of posting any news article amongst the different age groups?

My aunt posts nothing but bollocks, perhaps I’m now bollocks indoctrinated. Or maybe I’m inoculated by my dad’s non-stop stream of anti-Brexit essays.

This chap’s behind them - No idea how he funds it because he’s published a LOT of ads on Facebook. This is a full list.

There must be more royalties for Coming Of Age than there deserve to be…

Fuck it, if he’s retweeting Chloe Westley then nothing you say can convince me that he’s not funded by the Kochs/Mercer/NRA/Russia.

Retweeting Chloe Westley is the Brexit equivalent of retweeting George Galloway…

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Is she that taxpayers alliance bod they keep putting forward to prove they’re not just richj men in grey suits?

Yup. Dawson is the one who had a huge rant a few years ago because he feels that the BBC is deliberately excluding people like him, with right-wing views, from writing shows, when it’s more likely that they’re deliberately excluding people who wrote Coming Of Age.

Since then he’s gone full ERG and gets lots of attention from those kind of people.

Clearly not got the memo that he used to be a soldier

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The little public school prick was given his own BBC TV show as a teenager, despite the script being utter, utter shit. Handed everything on a plate despite no discernible talent. But sure, the BBC are discriminating against rich white, public school educated Tory males.

Assumed from the twitter profile pic he was the old man, but he isn’t and was born in 1988?!!

Isn’t that Juncker? (Thought it was Kissinger for a sec)

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It’s been changed now but this was his Wikipedia entry for a while

Tim Dawson (born 1988) is an English television comedy screenwriter. His first sitcom, Coming of Age , was piloted in 2007 and the first full series broadcast on BBC Three in 2008. A second series of 8 episodes was broadcast in 2010 and a third series has been commissioned for early 2011. He has also written for Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps . When asked about creating what the interviewer called the worst cultural artefact in British history, Dawson responded with an innuendo.


didn’t know he was a dr tbh

I always assumed “Dr” was some kind of shorthand for “disgraced”