Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



We’re back to hands across the aisle centrism as a solution then.

Would have fucked labour the same way it fucked the lib dems

Tories are toxic as fuck and anyone working with them are vile.

It would’ve ended with Jess tweeting “I know we agreed to the Muslim death camps but we banned plastic straws”


Probably, but I think the overall outcome would have been worse: We leave the EU for no good reason, the economy tanks, and now Corbyn’s Labour are smeared with the shit the Tories brought to the table. The Labour right and Lib Dems would’ve held themselves aloof and be delighted with the result.


no deal: some remainers think it’ll go so bad that brexiteers will admit it was bad, brexiters think it will genuinely work

when really it could lead VERY quickly to full on fascism


So, after a brief flirtation with a Norwayish alternative, there are now noises about delaying the vote…

Talk about clinging on by your fingernails.


It’s revolting that the government can continue to claim with a straight face that they’re acting in the national interest rather than grimly holding on to power by whatever means necessary.


Most of the tories have never felt so alive though - they’re getting to play out their obsessive European debate on the biggest stage possible, while also preparing to make a Very Serious Decision (which is the ego boost every mp craves).


Yep project fear is definitely ramping up now and is undoubtedly being driven by the government in order to scare rebels into voting for May’s deal. And to encourage the public to root for them to get on with it.


Oh, stop being so serious. I was being slightly facetious, but the average reading age of The Sun is 8, the average reading age of the UK population being 9.


The “norway option” is the new “australian-style points-based immigration system” : something simple sounding to cling to when the problem seems too complex


i see someone on twitter beat me to it







oh my god, this is great


Interesting that at least half a dozen guardian journalists have gone on the attack this morning pre-emptively blaming Labour for a ‘Leave’ victory in the apparently inevitable second referendum.

And that’s before we get to the tinfoil hat stuff where they try to link Corbyn to the right-wing repressive oligargical Putin and Trump administrations.

Anyway, this was a good speech and people should probably watch it, as it’s getting minimal coverage over here:


absolutely fantastic


The downside is that if this goes badly, it won’t be just be May and the Tories who are blamed: Jeremy Corbyn and Labour will be in the dock, too.

“against all logic and evidence, me and my pundit buddies will do our best to fling shit at labour if the tories finish destroying the country.” yes folks, sam bourne is at it again.


I like how one of the replies to that tweet is someone raging that the European Movement is a ‘propaganda outlet’ and how dare they be asked for their views and then I checked the person’s profile and they were from Breitbart.



Household name Will Quince has resigned over the deal. Anyone got any good quince-based puns?


Goodnight, sweet Quince