Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



Isn’t that Juncker? (Thought it was Kissinger for a sec)


this, forever.


It’s been changed now but this was his Wikipedia entry for a while

Tim Dawson (born 1988) is an English television comedy screenwriter. His first sitcom, Coming of Age , was piloted in 2007 and the first full series broadcast on BBC Three in 2008. A second series of 8 episodes was broadcast in 2010 and a third series has been commissioned for early 2011. He has also written for Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps . When asked about creating what the interviewer called the worst cultural artefact in British history, Dawson responded with an innuendo.


didn’t know he was a dr tbh


I always assumed “Dr” was some kind of shorthand for “disgraced”


Not a real doctor. Not even a real fox.


but wait… isn’t this because of ?

And wont we fall out of that when we Brexit?


He was a GP before he became an MP.


I believe so yes. Something leavers often forget is that we already have trade deals with 50 odd non EU countries. As part of our EU membership.





“deselected as a Conservative candidate”

Who’d think that was a bad move right now?


Dunno, all old white men look the same to me


Is it though? I’m not turning up any supporting bumf on it. I can well imagine it was part of the whole bargaining arrangement, that seems plausible, but ultimately the reason will be that our beef isn’t mad any more, so I guess it’s unlikely that they’d then reimpose it after Brexit.


We knew it would come to this eventually but it’s still lovely to finally see it out in the open like this. ‘You like power, don’t you? That’s why you joined us. So eat the dogshit or you don’t get to play with us anymore.’


Well the EU have just agreed a free trade deal with Japan (and many other countries) that we would no long be part of if we leave so to bang on about #freetradeuk and trade with Japan is ridiculous.


Obviously it’s ridiculous, it’s a statement by Liam Fox. I’m just sceptical that the lifting of the ban would be reversed after Brexit.


I guess

so it seems his profile pic is literally him pointing & laughing at Juncker, which says …something


The tweet doesn’t mention the ban so I’ve no idea (although if our food quality did drop post brexit that might well effect our ability to import to other countries) but he’s implying this is some trade deal UK negotiators have done when it’s almost certainly (fact check needed) EU negotiators as part of this new deal.


either way he’s painting it as a victory of #FREETRADEBRITAIN and all that implies when the truth is that the ban was due to us poisoning our meat supply

whatever deal we eventually negotiate with Japan outside of our EU membership (in whatever form that is) remains to be seen but the current trade relationship is very definitely via the EU trade agreement