Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



We could go around in circles here, but to summarise my position

  1. Obviously Fox is a wanker and everything he says should be ignored if possible
  2. The lifting of the ban probably was influenced by UK membership of the EU in some way
  3. The ban will probably remain lifted after Brexit

Of the three, only number 3 is of much interest to me personally.


also re: lifting the ban

Downing Street says Japan’s decision to drop the beef and lamb ban, which has been in place since 1996, will be worth £127m to British farmers over five years.

whew, economic crisis averted

How much is a Nissan factory worth?


It’s almost like you’re trying to convince me that Brexit might be in some way economically harmful :wink:


It’s weird how easy Fox is to forget as existing until his gurning little face pops up. And even more so considering he’s somehow one of the worst of them




you’re right

it’s just that we know how much all these boomers are like ‘See, it’s all gonna be fine’ with stuff like this

can’t give 'em an inch just because there’s a tiny pocket of air in this massive shit sandwich they’re forcing us to swallow


We need to let brexit happen to stop the rise of the far right. Oh.


Two entirely separate issues:

  • The ban on British beef (and lamb) is partially lifted after 23 years following long negotiations between the Japanese and British governments. The announcement yesterday was timed to coincide with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the UK today. The EU lifted its ban on British beef in 2006.
  • The recent EU-Japan free trade agreement will slash Japan’s tariffs on European beef from 38.5 per cent to 9 per cent over a period of 15 years, creating a big export opportunity for British farmers if they can secure the same terms after Brexit.


One thing that struck me while i had a couple americans staying with us was that they haven’t grasped quite how fucked the UK already is in terms of its anti-migrant stance. They’re both liberal and well-read, and politically aware, but when i explained the spousal income situation with people being allowed (or not) to bring spouses and children into the country, they were utterly freaked out by it. As draconian as their own processes are, they’re nowhere near as brazenly ‘fuck the poor’ as our own.

edit: and that’s kind of striking in that to a lot of people from the outside the Brexit swivel eyed racism is a shock, as opposed to something that’s been fermenting for years.


That hi-vis shithead will be on Question Time and Today before the month is out.


i’m not saying the guardian is acting in bad faith, but we shouldn’t refer to these cunts as “activists” even if it’s prefixed with “far-right”.


Looking back, too, it’s pretty stunning how fundamental May’s policies as home sec foreshadowed all of this. She was running on a ticket of hatred even before she grabbed power.


FTFY :disappointed:


To put that in context, the British government first applied for the ban to be lifted in 2012.

Seven years for a single issue to be resolved. Draw your own conclusions what that means for more complicated trade deals post-Brexit.


But we were told they’d be the easiest trade deals in history! :thinking:


reckon the EU should say they will only have trade deals with countries that dont have one with us


No Deal Brexit makes that happen automatically, so there’s a good start.


He’s so pure :’(


Is he suggesting that everyone move to Iceland?


craziest thing he has ever said