Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



That’s the next general election fucked.


about 40% of voting public already taking to facebook to call him a traitor


I really wanted to believe in Jez and his vision of a fairer world (in fact, I have a Jez We Can t-shirt I sleep in sometimes and try to dream of Jeztopia) but anybody looking at the evidence before them and making that statement is as delusional as a full-bore ERG Brexiteer.


no. i see it as him sticking to his belief that ultimately good peoples’ sides will win out over their base instincts. i have come to utterly respect that.

he can lose, but he’s never bent to the baying imbeciles in the press. good for him.


I entirely respect that, I just think it’s wrong-headed in the current climate. I have lost faith that people’s good nature is that strong. Maybe it’s just my depression kicking in, but I can’t see his vision every aligning with the population of this, or probably any other, country.


If I were a remain-backing Tory, I would absolutely not vote no-confidence, given that the Labour leader has now explicitly said this would lead to Labour campaigning for a second referendum.

Would this not mean that a 2nd referendum could then be tabled as a motion (or an amendment to a gov motion) in HoC, and Labour would back it?

Like, that’s the only way I can see notBrexit happening…


You could perhaps give him the benefit of the doubt on that if it were just one of the three qualities that were a bit open to question. But there are a lot of people for whom all three of those points are absolute anathema.


no agreed, totally. but what do you do? get slimier to fight slime? maybe that’s better now idk. that fucking sucks doesn’t it.


yeah. like i say i think he’s just wonderfully principled. i simultaneously want to facepalm and fucking hug him


noticed that the haters are still frothing even tho he is now, indeed, “getting on with it”


I can’t do that. I can’t support doing bad to bad. But I can’t believe in the good stuff, and I think that he’s playing to a receding base of people who do, and an even smaller number who think that it can win. I know this is how evil triumphs, but I’ve been ground down and even someone who offers so much hope makes me feel hopeless.


and you know what, the FBPE crowd never even tried to get on board did they? once. not once. fuck them for that too. even if they had genuine concerns above ‘HE’D BETTER NOT TAKE MY INHERITANCE’ they could have just paused and tried a bit.


Yeah, but those guys are just stuck in their silo of agreeing and “Following back post can’t be empty” and wotnot; sensible centrists have basically become the #MAGA of the UK, as far as I can see.


Hmm he’s not really though is he? Or at least no more than before. That speech to me looks like:

We want a general election
We can’t force one, please help us get one
If we don’t get a general election then we might campaign for a second referendum, but don’t hold me to that.

Which is exactly where Labour’s been for months.


This is the thing, there’s so much self-interest on the left and the right, everyone protecting their own patch, and that’s Tory policy. That’s how they win. They make you fight to protect your bread, so you’re too busy to protect anyone else’s. I’m just tired. The deal’s going to get voted down, it’s going to be a disaster, and everyone who isn’t in the 1% is going to suffer horribly. You’ve got to laugh, but it’s not the good kind of laughter.


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i dunno about that. the FBPE crowd are just handwringing centre-righters who used Tonty to feel lefter than they were. They’re almost the same bunch as who you’d now call ‘progressive conservatives’ i.e. remembering the economy exists.

But the MAGA comparison should probably be reserved for the Farage/Robinson cultists who only vote Tory because there’s no one with enough momentum in their area to vote UKIP


Is Tonty a hot new drug that makes you feel at peace with your sensibleness?


I’d like to see the polling data on this. I’d imagine it’s something like;

Would you like to live in a country that’s…

Tolerant, diverse & open - 50.2%
Racist, classist & rabidly self interested - 49.2%
don’t know - 0.7%

margin of error ≈ 1.4%


:smiley: it’s a reference to