Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



Don’t know would be at least 15%. We Brits love not bothering to think about stuff.


“hmm racism? i’ll have to get back to you on how i feel about that.”


He says he’s going through with Brexit if elected.


edit: actually i don’t wanna argue about corbyn and brexit again


“Well…obviously racism’s a bit bad, but I like some things about racism and petrol’s gone up by 10p AGAIN and the shop had run out of Quavers so put me down as a DGAF”


“It’s not racist to have legitimate concerns about immigration.”


Is that the first time he’s done that? Was it Gardiner who said it before, I can’t recall, honestly.

All in all it’s cheap to accuse him of “not getting on with it” anyway as there is literally nothing he could be usefully getting on with.


you could still argue that was pure, if immensely theory-over-practice.


I would like this post, but then it would look like I’m liking it.


We need an ‘agree’ button for this thread


1 like = 1 agree


Even agree is wrong, because then I’d be agreeing with legitimate concerns. Maybe just like a crying eagle or something


^crying eagle


Are crying eagles salty?





They’re legitimate concerns, not illegitimate ones. Self evidently fine to like them :wink:


Just thinking “The Legitimate Concerns” would be a great name for a backing group.


If you really want to nosedive into the abyss, btw:


Morrissey and The Legitimate Concerns