Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



“Legitimate Concerns”, with Trevor Eve


I was struggling for the right front man, but I think you’ve hit the right ballpark there.


Stephen Kinnock and The Legitimate Concerns
Jakey Mogg’s Reform Group
Nick Clegg’s Apology

Old Blue Last etc etc.


I would also like to see a prog act called Milliband’s Sandwich


Chaos ft. Ed Miliband


The Steve Miller Band’s sandwich


They were originally on the bill but dropped out due to a clash with a live show they were due to host on Kerrang Radio


Slipknot, papa roach and Korn on the Coalition of Chaos tour


Oh please no, not the canal locks:




Jolyon and the Sensibles


Terrifying. So a choice between some twats getting fined for not paying their council tax or food shortages.


with their hit Maughm Than a Feeling


I was the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids.
I played it at FPBEs.
Everybody thought I was crazy.


They have some great windmilling moves.


Captain Sensibles


He’s remainiac
Maniac of looove


T-May’s Strong and Stable Experience.


It’s fun to be in the FBPE…

[Tricky dance to master that one]


Just dance around in a little circle looking smug