Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



The idea of Middle England rioting is the funniest shit imaginable, isn’t it.


They HAVE?


You never hear of folk getting knocked on the bonce
Although there was a drive-by shouting once


Man refuses to joing the back of the post office queue, awkwardly joining in the middle because it would be too outrageous to skip it entirely.


Was thinking of forming a protest song covers band called Extraordinary Renditions


getting to london to burn it down but they’re on the circle line by accident and can’t figure out how to get to westminster etc


You are the Windmill Beneath My Wings


Just while i’m thinking about it really hope Tim Weatherspoons dies soon.


More like they’re all driving around trying to find a parking space.


“i’m not paying that! right come on there must be parking around here somewhere.”


Congestion charge! Nonsense!


“that bastard sadiq khan’s done me twice because i’m diesel! once we’re parked up he’s fucked!”


It should be staggering just how prepared the commentariat are to ignore stated party policy, the way it’s determined, and the polling of party members, but it just expected now, isn’t it?


ULEZ if you want to. The lady’s not for LEZzing.


Are these the people we’re supposed to believe David Cameron was so concerned about he fucked the country into a massive hole? What a fucking wet shite


Some guys I know inadvertently did this on a canal boating holiday. They didn’t fully understand how the locks worked and ended leaving them all open behind them.

I’ve not crunched the numbers, but as far as I know no one died…


Obviously most of what leave voters would do if Brexit was stopped is going to be laughable nonsense, but one guy murdered his MP just because she was in favour of remain.

It’s not absurd to think that some very stupid and dark things could happen to people who are perceived to play a big part in the cancellation of it.


yep. i’d very much like and simultaneously not like to see a poll of what the police force as a whole across the UK think about brexit.


Genuinely think something bad is going to happen to Owen Jones soon


While the odd nutjob may try something, it’s nothing compared to what the far right would do given the chance if brexit happened. e.g.: the article i posted up there.