Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



So the real purpose of today’s speech then?

To restate party policy on Brexit?
To try to change the terms of the national political debate?
To maintain visibility in the Brexit debate?
Something else?

Obviously the commentators are broadly just annoyed they have no fresh meat, but I’m unsure what Jez was targeting with that speech.



if i was putting down a horribly dark bet it would be Sadiq :frowning:


i’d say the way they escorted the hi vis wankers to and fro while they harassed and abused a gay socialist and screamed rape threats at a female MP and a female journalist tells us quite a lot


and then you think hold up, what if the police outside of london are largely the same gammons who will be causing the trouble.

la la la.


Probably some fish did though.


Election campaign trail stuff.

Labour are on an election footing


Perhaps. Bit premature though.


And the 2016 Labour leadership election. And the fact that we’re only talking a few hundred thousand people.

Basically certain commentators want to think that the majority of Corbyn-supporting Labour members are thick. So when those expectations aren’t met, they kinda lash out in such fashion. And on it goes.


There was a party political broadcast by the tories on tv last night


well remember about 10 years ago when that list of BNP members leaked and there were loads of ranking officers on there? and a few months ago when tommy robinson’s fans were openly attacking the police in central london and the police…retreated.


Trying to entice Tory remainers to actually rebel on a vote of consequence, I guess.

Trying to state party policy in a way that is clear and less open to being willfully misrepresented by the press, too.


Middle England can suck my DICK.


Yeah, I’m not suggesting that Brexit is better than the alternative. Just that, in amongst the “lol what are they gonna do” stuff it might be useful to remember what they’ve already done, in far less febrile circumstances.


I read about that on the news.


Nope sorry I tried but I couldn’t get past about a minute of that.


where is middle England btw?

I thought I lived in the middle but everyone’s poor here


I think it might be down with somewhere but I dunno for sure. I’ve got a cousin who I’d describe as middle England. It might be a state of mind. (She lives in Northampton)


where you live, the east midlands, is the 5th most prosperous region in the entire of the UK


must be all the shit villages then