Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent



there’s MASSIVE wealth in the towns and villages outside of the cities, for sure.


i guess somebody is voting for Peter Bone


more than half the entire county, so it’s not just villages


the culture here seems to be that you vote Tory if you’re a white working class person for some reason. It’s odd


thinking about it there’s just such crazy intertia to it, I reckon I’ve met less than 10 people in my entire life living here that are older than me and are left leaning in any way. Tonnes of UKIP and Tory rhetoric treated as if it’s kind of what defines people


at my dad’s funeral, i reminded all of those fucking farmers that he was a staunch remainer, because i knew even they wouldn’t have the bollocks to say anything for that one day. felt good to give them both barrels about how proud dad was to have a french daughter in law, and how appalled he was by dogwhistle politics running rampant.


also never seen a person holding a newspaper that wasn’t either the Daily Mail or the Sun


reckon parts of my immediate family vote Tory, I really don’t know how to approach this without just cutting them out of my life completely or totally ignoring it.

It’s also very frustrating that I’m a big waster who has made nothing of his life so I can’t possibly argue with anyone without them assuming I’m a hippy stoner or something


In response, Bercow said:

There was nothing arbitrary about the conduct of the chair yesterday.

This speaker is well aware of how to go about the business of chairing the proceedings of the House because he’s been doing so for nine and a half years.

I hope colleagues will understand when I say that I require no lessons or lectures from others about how to discharge my obligations to parliament and in support of the rights of backbench parliamentarians.

I have been doing it, I’m continuing to do it and I will go on doing it, no matter how much abuse I get from whatever quarter. It’s water off a duck’s back as far as I am concerned.



yeah. really weird to like literally anything about our parliament right now innit


Bercow go on Chapo


No Deal brexit being stopped by the European Court of human Rights would be beautiful. Imagine the tears.


That would be the worst thing that could happen




naw. best case stuff is stuff that won’t stoke anti-foreigner sentiment


But the irony would be wonderful.


like a baseball bat to the head kind of wonderful yes


Well we would have to worry about locks being left open. That is a concern.


People have been lied to and told by the powers that be that a bureaucratic monster is taking away their freedom and making there life worse for decades to the point that the majority of people in a democratic process voted to leave.
This would make the monster real and push the leave agenda up massively


the FBPE flippancy in your voice is something you’re better than dude cmon